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Not to be confused with Choco-Story New York.
Mayan nobleman with cacao paste, in the Choco-Story museum

Choco-Story, the Chocolate Museum in Bruges, Belgium, is located in the sixteenth-century "Huis de Crone" building on Sint-Jansplein (at the intersection of Wijnzakstraat and Sint-Jansstraat) in central Bruges. This building was originally the home of a wine tavern. It later housed a bakery and, most recently, a furniture making shop.

Choco-Story was opened by Eddie Van Belle and his son, Cedric. The two are also the owners of Belcolade, a family-owned chocolate business which "produces delicacies that chefs and connoisseurs hail as some of the world's finest."[1]

Museum visitors can watch chocolate being made.[2]

Аdditionally, a section of the museum is dedicated to the health benefits of chocolate.[3]

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