Chocolate Lake

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Chocolate Lake
Location Halifax, Nova Scotia
Coordinates 44°38′19.9″N 63°37′19.9″W / 44.638861°N 63.622194°W / 44.638861; -63.622194Coordinates: 44°38′19.9″N 63°37′19.9″W / 44.638861°N 63.622194°W / 44.638861; -63.622194
Basin countries Canada
Surface elevation 25 m
Settlements Armdale, Halifax

Chocolate Lake is located in the Armdale, Nova Scotia neighbourhood of Halifax, Nova Scotia.[1] The lake is surrounded by many private homes as well as a Best Western hotel[2] and a city beach,[3] which is popular with local families in the summer.

This body of water is an artificial lake into which no aquatic species have been introduced.[citation needed] . However, swimmers have noticed minnows swimming along the edge of Chocolate Lake Beach. Although it is cited as contaminated,[4] the City of Halifax tests the water quality periodically. Lifeguards are also provided by the City in the summer[5] and swimming lessons are available.[6] The name is from the chocolate factory, one of many light industries that used to be on this little lake's shores. The lake formed after the locals quarried the rock .

Chocolate Lake is referenced in the Jenn Grant song titled Dreamer[7] at approximately 1:52.


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