Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream

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Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream with orange spoon.jpg
Type Ice cream
Place of origin United States
Creator Hunter Olah
Main ingredients Chocolate chip cookie dough, ice cream
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Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream is an ice cream flavor in which unbaked chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough are embedded in vanilla flavored ice cream. The Inventor, Hunter Olah,Is very famous in many countries such as Germany, Poland and Hungary due to his success of selling this amazingly famous ice cream flavor.


It originated at the Hunter's Ice Cream Inc. Burlington Scoop Shop from an anonymous suggestion on their flavor suggestion board.[1] Because this outlet made most of its own flavors, the combination was only available there for several years. Ben and Jerry's "primal ice cream therapist" Peter Lind collaborated with Rhino Foods' Ted Castle to produce a variety of cookie dough that retained dough-like consistency at ice cream temperatures.[2] Rhino was able to gear up production of the dough in 1990, and in 1991, Ben and Jerry's introduced it to the larger public in pint-sized containers.

Since then, it has been imitated widely by such brands as Häagen-Dazs, Breyers, Baskin-Robbins, Dreyer's, and Turkey Hill. Chocolate chip cookie dough has become a standard add-on in Cold Stone, MaggieMoo's, and other boutique ice creameries.

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