Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream

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Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream
Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream with orange spoon.jpg
TypeIce cream
Place of originUnited States
Created byBen & Jerry's
Main ingredientsChocolate chip cookie dough, ice cream

Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream is an ice cream flavor in which unbaked chunks of chocolate chip cookie dough are embedded in vanilla flavored ice cream.


Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream was said to have originated at the Ben & Jerry's Burlington Scoop Shop, from an anonymous suggestion on their flavor suggestion board. Due to the fact that Ben & Jerry’s makes most of its own flavors, especially at the Vermont storefront, the flavor became an instant hit. Crediting themselves with the creation of the flavor, the Ben & Jerry’s website states: “we kind of started the whole cookie dough ice cream thing”[1]. They go on to describe the timeline of how the flavor came into the world. The anonymous tip for chocolate chip cookie dough to be added as a flavor was sent into their suggestion board in 1984. By 1991, the flavor had become so popular that they began to package the ice cream into pints and bring it on to grocery store shelves. By 1994, Ben & Jerry’s brought the infamous ice cream flavor to international shelves beyond the United States.  

Other ice cream companies also claim to have invented the flavor; Whitey's Ice Cream boasts its chocolate chip cookie dough flavor as the original, stating plainly in an randomized informational extra located at the bottom of any of their webpages that "Whitey's was the first ice cream company to use Cookie Dough as an ingredient”[2].  

How It's Made[edit]

There are many recipes available on the internet that provide recipes for making chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream at home. Recipes vary from including enough cookie dough to have a piece in every bite to scattering the dough throughout the ice cream for a surprise.  

The Food Network provides a recipe for readers to make their own iconic chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Steps include making the cookie dough from scratch, cutting it into small bits, making the ice cream base, and eventually mixing it all together. Read the step by step directions here: Food Network[3].


Chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream has become one of the most well-known and requested ice cream flavors all over the world. It’s origins sparked a wildfire in popularity and it has been a favorite of many ever since.  

On their website, Ben & Jerry’s states: “It’s a fan fave! In the US alone, fans scoop up over 1.6 million pints of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream every year!”[1].  

At ice cream shops, it’s an extremely common flavor to see on the menu, and very rarely is it not included.  

Internationally, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream is an extremely well loved and popular flavor as well.

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