Chocolate syrup

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Chocolate syrup
Chocolate syrup topping on ice cream.JPG
Chocolate syrup topping on ice cream, in a bowl
Type Syrup
Main ingredients Cocoa powder, sugar, water
  Media: Chocolate syrup

Chocolate syrup is a chocolate-flavored condiment. It is often used as a topping or dessert sauce for various desserts, such as ice cream, or mixed with milk to make chocolate milk. Chocolate syrup is also used to top puddings.

Basic ingredients[edit]

A simple chocolate syrup can be made from unsweetened cocoa powder, sugar and water. Recipes may also include other ingredients, such as corn syrup, malt, and flavorings like vanilla extract.[1]

The industrial recipe contains ingredients such as:[2]

Other uses[edit]

Chocolate syrup was often used in black-and-white movies to simulate blood, because it was safe for the performers to swallow, easy to get out of clothing, and cheap to buy. It is also useful on black and white film for realistic density. It was used in many movies, including The Wasp Woman and Psycho.


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