Chocolate tart

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Chocolate tart
Chocolate tarts by Tammy Green.jpg
Alternative names Chocolate cream pie
Type Tart
Main ingredients Puff pastry, dark chocolate, cream and eggs
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An espresso chocolate tart with chocolate sauce

Chocolate tart, also known as chocolate cream pie, is a dessert consisting of dark chocolate, cream and eggs, beaten together, poured into a crisp, unsweetened pastry shell and baked until firm. It is considered a form of custard tart because it includes an egg-based filling. The dish is similar in composition to chocolate mousse, however, being baked gives the chocolate tart a firmer texture.

Due to the expense of the ingredients and difficulty of making the pastry, the dish is relatively rare except in upscale cafés. It has many variants, and is considered a gourmet dessert. An early 19th century book for "opulent families" featured a chocolate tart recipe that included cinnamon and lemon peel,[1] taken from a 1770 book.[2]

In Australia the chocolate tart came to national attention after being featured on the first series of MasterChef Australia in 2009. Subsequently billed as "Australia's most famous dessert",[3] a chocolate tart recipe became one of the deciding factors in determining the winner of the series final, although the recipe had been simplified from the original for the show.[3][4] The dessert has also featured on British TV series The Naked Chef, in which Jamie Oliver cooked a chocolate tart[5] for a romantic meal with his girlfriend (and future wife).

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