Chocolates and Cigarettes

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Chocolates & Cigarettes
Chocolates and Cigarettes.jpg
EP by Angus & Julia Stone
Released 26 August 2006
Genre Folk, acoustic
Label EMI (Australia), Independiente
Angus & Julia Stone chronology
Chocolates and Cigarettes
Heart Full of Wine

Chocolates and Cigarettes is the first EP by Australian singer-songwriter duo Angus and Julia Stone.

"Mango Tree" and "Babylon" were used in the American television dramas Life and Army Wives, respectively. Giorgio Armani also sampled "Paper Aeroplane" for his 2008-09 winter collection runway. "Eye of the Storm", the third single from Bliss n Eso's album Flying Colours, uses the main riff and idea from the song "Paper Aeroplane".

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Private Lawns"
  2. "Mango Tree"
  3. "All of Me"
  4. "Paper Aeroplane"
  5. "Babylon"
  6. "Chocolates & Cigarettes"