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Chocomel in a carton package

Chocomel (known as Cécémel in Belgium) is a Dutch brand of chocolate-flavoured milk, produced by Campina in Amersfoort, The Netherlands.[1][2][3] The brand's trademark is owned by FrieslandCampina.[4]


It was formerly produced by Nutricia in Zoetermeer and Riedel Drinks.[3][5][6] Chocomel is widely available in the Netherlands, Germany and in Belgium (under the name of Cécémel).[7][2] There are five varieties of Chocomel.[8] Campina stopped producing a Mokka (mocha) flavor in 2011 and introduced the Vers varieties in 2015. Chocomel is also available in pod form for the Philips/Douwe Egberts Senseo coffee brewing system.[7] The drink's slogan is "the one and only" ("de Enige Echte" in Dutch, which means "the only real one").[9]

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