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Choctaw horse
Country of originUnited States

The Choctaw Horse is a horse breed from the state of Mississippi in the United States that was originally used by the Choctaw tribe of Native Americans. To the Choctaw, this particular breed of horse was symbolic of wealth, glory, honor, and prestige. They were also used for barter. This breed is rare.


They range in height from 13.2 to 14.2 hands (54 to 58 inches, 137 to 147 cm) high and come in all colors, although pinto patterns are the most common. They closely resemble Mustangs. They are stocky, strong, and have great stamina. Their heads have a straight profile. They have full manes and tails.


They are very "cowy" horses, meaning that they have great cow sense and excel when working with cattle. They are smart, energetic horses and are strong and sturdy enough to be pack horses. They are very agile, making them suitable for the faster western events.


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