Chodová Planá

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Chodová Planá
Market town
Chodová Planá, main square.jpg
Main square
Coat of arms
Country Czech Republic
Region Plzeň
District Tachov
River Kosi potok
Coordinates 49°53′39″N 12°43′51″E / 49.89417°N 12.73083°E / 49.89417; 12.73083Coordinates: 49°53′39″N 12°43′51″E / 49.89417°N 12.73083°E / 49.89417; 12.73083
Highest point 733 m
Lowest point 490 m
Area 63 km2 (24 sq mi)
Population Increase1,829 (July 3, 2006)
Founded around 1316
Mayor Ctirad Hirš
Timezone CET (UTC+1)
 - summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code 348 13
Chodová Planá is located in Czech Republic
Chodová Planá
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Chodová Planá (German: Kuttenplan) is a market town with 1793 residents (As of January 1, 2004) in the Czech Republic. The town lies 537 m above sea level, some eight Kilometers south of the city Mariánské Lázně and belongs to the Okres Tachov (Tachov District).


Already a locality in 1316 - raised to a city in 1514 - mentioned in historical sources in the property of the knights Ctibor and Oldrich. The small stronghold from this time was inhabited until 1733.

From the 16th century the counts of Haimhausen had authority in Planá. A catastrophic fire in the 18th century burnt down the ancient church of the city in the year 1733 and was replaced in the years 1748-1754 by the new baroque church along with vicarage. The vicarage was dedicated to John the Baptist. In 1930 the statistic for religious affinity was counted with 1698 catholic and 37 non-Catholics.

In 1734 a small baroque castle was begun, a dipterous storied building with Mansard roof and 1906 another small castle.

The city is well known for the oldest brewery in the west-Bohemian region, which is named Chodovar. The first written reference to the brewery originates from [1573], ownership was initially with the Adels family von Schlick. The brewery in 1634 already produced "1920 pailful", some 1173 litres.

The brewery is best known today for its "Original Beer Spa". Guests can soak in a dark lager/mineral water blend in copper tubs. The beer soak spa treatment is said to have medicinal benefits.

After a fire in 1861, the owners of the time left the Count of Berchem-Haimhausen the old stone basement which still today preserves the brewery, which belonged to the Count of Berchem-Haimhausen to the time of the Second World War . Today the Czech beer "Chodovar" comes from the brewery, which is now privately owned, in Chodová Planá.

Evidence of earlier brewing activities in the city exist, such as the historic Lager basement from the 14th century, which was hewn from granite and in the past used to brew special Lager beer. There is a small brewery museum in one part of the brewery basement and a restaurant.

Next to the municipal office of the city there is a primary school and a post office as well as the sports club TJ Slavoj Chodová Planá. To reach there one has to pass through a 40 meter long passageway.

Attractions in Chodová Planá are the small baroque castle and the spacious park with an old tree population. On January Chodová Planá was made into a market town.

Notable people[edit]

Borough classification[edit]

The religious of Chodová Planá belong to the locality Boněnov (Punnau), Dolní Kramolín (Untergramling), Holubín (Hollowing), Hostíčkov (Hetschigau), Michalovy Hory (Michelsberg), Pístov (Pistau), Výškov (Waschagrün) and Výškovice (Wischkowitz).


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