Choi Geum-young

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Choi Geum-young is a major character in Dae Jang Geum. She is the niece of the evil but prominent merchant Choi Pan-sul. A very skilled cook, she obtains the post of Highest Lady of the Royal Kitchen and the privilege of cooking and serving the King's food. However, she got this unjustly from her evil aunt Choi Seong-geum. Geum-young is also from the family line of Highest Ladies that held the post for generations, which was "passed" from aunt to niece.

Geum-young is not as ruthless as her aunt, but not morally pure either. Jang Geum and her had a reasonably close relationship. Geum-young also had a deep, unrequited love for Sir Min Jeong-ho, who loved Jang Geum. When the Choi family's crimes were revealed, Geum-young was kicked out of the palace. Choi Geum-Young was played by actress Hong Ri-Na in the series.

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