Choi Han-bit

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This is a Korean name; the family name is Choi.
Choi Han-bit
Born Choi Han-jin
(1987-06-16) 16 June 1987 (age 28)[1]
Gangneung, Gangwon-do, South Korea[1]
Years active 2009-present
Modeling information
Height 1.8 m (5 ft 11 in)[2]
Manager Stershop Entertainment
Korean name
Hangul 최한빛
Revised Romanization Choi Han-bit
McCune–Reischauer Ch‘oe Han-bit
Birth name
Hangul 최한진
Revised Romanization Choi Han-jin
McCune–Reischauer Ch‘oe Han-chin

Choi Han-bit (Hangul: 최한빛) is a South Korean model and actress.[3][4] She is a graduate of the School of Dance at the Korean National University of Arts in Seoul, where she majored in Korean traditional dance.[2][5][nb 1] With the support of her parents, Choi underwent male-to-female sex reassignment surgery in 2006.[5][8][nb 1] She changed her given name from Han-jin to Han-bit, and is legally recognized as female in South Korea.[6][9] In an interview, Choi said that "living with the female body itself brought me the greatest feeling of euphoria", but also that she has "a fond memory of the past before the operation".[2] Prior to her surgery, she had appeared on the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) television show Yoo Jae-suk's Jinsil Game in 2005.[7] She was a contestant on Korea's Next Top Model, Cycle 3, where she ended 10th.


After transitioning, Choi began to pursue her lifelong ambition of becoming a model.[5] In 2009, she was amongst more than 1,200 applicants to the annual SBS-sponsored Super Model Contest, and gained public attention by progressing through the contest's preliminary rounds. Choi's participation drew mixed reactions from internet users and other contestants, but SBS officials stated that they would view it as a "violation of human rights" to disqualify a transgender individual whose legal sex was female.[6][9] As one of the contest's 32 finalists, Choi automatically qualified as a professional model.[5] Despite this, Choi claims to have faced discrimination in the modelling industry, having been refused participation in a fashion show without any clear reason.[2] Since taking part in Super Model Contest, Choi has appeared on a number of television shows and has expressed a desire to become an actress. She has said that she hopes to marry around the age of thirty, and will adopt two children.[2]



  1. ^ a b An article in The Korea Times states that Choi underwent sex reassignment surgery in 2007, and suggests that she is still a student at the Korea National University of Arts.[2] This would seem to contradict articles in The Chosun Ilbo and The Korea Herald which state that her surgery was in 2006 and that she is a graduate of the university.[6][7]


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