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Choi Moo-ryong
Born (1928-02-25)February 25, 1928
Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Died November 11, 1999(1999-11-11) (aged 71)
Bucheon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Occupation Actor
Years active 1954–1987
Korean name
Hangul 최무룡
Hanja 崔戊龍
Revised Romanization Choe Mu-ryong
McCune–Reischauer Choi Mu-ryǒng

Choi Moo-ryong (February 25, 1928 – November 11, 1999)[1] was South Korean actor, producer, and director who is father of Choi Min-soo


Choi was born in Paju, Gyeonggi province, Korea. Choi was one of popular actors of the 1960s along with Shin Young-kyun and Kim Jin-kyu.[2] Choi gained a popularity for his handsome appearance and masculine image. Choi's personal life was as much dramatic as his starred films, so he always garnered the public attention. 1952, Choi married a colleague actress, Kang Hyo-shil, the daughter of a noted actress, Jeon Ok with the nickname, "Queen of Tears" and a singer Gang Hong-sik. Choi and his wife had one son and four daughters including an actor, Choi Min-soo. However, Choi had an affair with Kim Ji-mee, the best popular actress at that time, so that Choi and Gang divorced in 1962. Choi soon married Kim Ji-mee, but he owed massive debts due to his failed film production. As a result, Choi chose to divorce Kim again in 1969. At that time, the phrase, Because I love you, I have to part from her was circulated among the public.[3][4]


*Note; the whole list is referenced.[5]

Year English title Korean title Romanization Role Director
1987 Prince Yeon-san Yeonsangun
The Liberal Wife 2 Jayubuin 2
Liberal Wife '81 Ja-yubu-in '81
Common Woman Botong-yeoja
Violent Shaking Gyeogdong
A Little Star Jag-eun byeol
An eccentric general and his inferiors all over the country Byeolnan janggungwa paldobuha
Azaleas in my home Gohyang-e jindallae
Sister Nuna
Weeds Jabcho
Special Investigation Bureau : Kim So-San, the Kisaeng Teugbyeolsusabonbu-wa gisaeng Gim Sosan
A Companion Dongbanja
A case of a college girl Lee Nan-Hee of Special Investigation Center Teugbyeolsusabonbu yeodaesaeng I Nanhuisageon
Leaving Myeong Dong Myeongdong-eul tteonamyeonseo
Aunt Imo
A Lady Born in the Year of Rat 2 Jwittibu-in
An honorable student of life Insaeng-udeungsaeng
A judge's wife Pansabu-in
A man and a woman Namgwa yeo
Looking for sons and daughters Adeul ttal chaj-a cheonligil
My love of the South and the North Namgwa bug-ui dangsin
A Lady Born in the Year of Rat Jwittibu-in
The Wedding Ring Gyeolhonbanji
Oh, Frailty Yaghanja-yeo
One to One Ildae-il
The fugitive in the storm Pog-usog-ui domangja
Nation wide Graduates Paldojol-eobsaeng
Please be happy, my daughters Jalsal-ada-o nae ttaldeul-a
Cruel history of Myeong Dong Myeongdongjanhogsa
Where should I go? Eodilo ga-yahana
Life is on the lonely road Insaeng-eun nageunegil
I will give it all Akkim-eobs-i bachili
Me, myself and I Na-wa na
I Na
A second mother Duljjae-eomeoni
Beautiful Korea Aleumda-un paldogangsan
Whirl of betrayals on Myeongdong Myeongdongsamgugji
Cell-mates Dongchangsaeng
The women of Kyeongbokgung Gyeongboggung-ui yeo-indeul
Bye, mom Eomma annyeong
Leaving in the rain Bissog-e tteonal salam
Is Your Husband Like This Too? Daeg-ui appado ileohseubnikka
1971 Woman of Fire Hwanyeo
Light in the field Cho-won-ui bich
Action Episodes Hwalgeugdaesa
The royal emissary with no ID Mapae-eobsneun eosa
What happened that night Geunalbam saenggin il
Why Do You Abandon Me Naleul beolisinaikka
My Love, My Foe Hyeonsangbut-eun 4in-ui agnyeo
A woman gambler Eoneu yeodobagsa
A hotel room Yeochang
Two sons sequel Du adeul
A student of life Insaeng-yuhagsaeng
Until next time Mi-wodo annyeong
My wife Nae anae-yeo
444, Jongno St. Jonglo 444beonji
I'll follow my husband Seobangnim ttalaseo
Brother Oppa
A guilty woman Joemanh-eun yeo-in
His Double Life Miseu Lee
A Bout in 30 Years 30nyeonman-ui daegyeol
Foggy Jangchoongdan Stadium Angaekkin Jangchungdangong-won
Twelve women Yeoldu yeo-in
I Can't Forget You Gandago ij-eulsonya
Five fighters 5in-ui geondaldeul
Three half-brothers Ibog 3hyeongje
Wild magpie Oelo-un sankkachi
Time on Myungdong Myeongdong-e heuleuneun se-wol
Sorrow in tears Dujulgi nunmulsog-e
Some married couple Eoneu bubu
Tokyo Lion and Myeongdong Tiger Donggyeongsaja-wa Myeongdongholang-i
Visitor in the Dead of the Night Sim-ya-ui bangmungaeg
Friendship of Hope Nae-il-issneun ujeong
Lefty Without a Tomorrow Nae-il-eobsneun oensonjab-i
I will Bear No More Naneun cham-eul su eobsda
House of a Stranger Ta-in-ui jib
Yearning for a Lover Imgeuli-wo
Please Turn Off the Light Bang-e bul-eul kkeoju-o
Chastity Sungyeol
Dance with My Father Appa-wa hamkke chum-eul
Escape Samhotalchul
King Yeong-chin the Last Crown Prince Majimag hwangtaeja Yeongchin-wang
Back Alley No. 5 Dwisgolmog obeonji
A Portrait in the Coffin Gwansog-ui mi-inhwa
Dangerous Liaison Wiheomhan gwangye
Blue Bedroom Puleun chimsil
Golden Operation 70 in Hong Kong Hwanggeum70 Hongkongjagjeon
Between My Father's Arms Appapum-e
Woman with Long Eyelashes Sognunseob-i gin yeoja
Frozen Spring Dongchun
A Woman's Battleground Yeo-injeonjang
Let Me Free Idaeto Tteonage Hae Juseyo
The Third Zone Jesamjidae
Parking Lot Juchajang
Love Is the Seed of Tears Sarang-eun Nunmul-ui Ssi-at
Don't Leave Behind Your Love Jeong Dugo Gajima
The Third Zone Jesam jidae
Remarriage Jaehon
Can't Forget Geuraedo Monnijeo
Miracle Gijeok
1967 You and Me Neowa Na
Yeonhwa Yeonhwa
Tourist Train Gwan-gwang Yeolcha
Ok-i Makes a Judge Cry Beopchangeul ulrin ok-i
A Seoul Boy Seoul meoseuma
Bitter Daedong River Hanmaneun Daedonggang
The Loser and the Winner Ireun Jawa Chajeun Ja
Well-lighted Room of the Newly Married Hwachoksinbang
1967 The Life of Na Woon-gyu Naungyu Ilsaeng
Night Blues Bamhaneurui Blues
Decorations Never Rust Hunjangeun Nokseulji Anneunda
Lost Years Ireobeorin Sewol
The Last Passion Majimak Jeong-yeol
I Don't Want to Die Naneun Jukgi Silta
Behold with an Angry Face Seongnan Eolgullo Dol-abora
1965 Madam Oh Omadam
Never Regret Huhoehaji Angetda
Flesh and Blood Pi-wa Sal
The Virgin Playing Saxophone Saxophone Buneun Cheonyeo
Good and Evil Seongwa Ak
The Foster Mother & the Natural Mother '
The Sworn Brothers Uihyeongje
The North and South Namgwa Buk
The Heartbreaking Love of Mother Pi-eorin Mojeong
Let's Meet on Thursday Mogyoire Mannapsida
The Housemaid Singmo
The Intimidator Hyeopbakja
The Sorrowful Separation Ibyeolman-eun Seulpeudeora
The Night When Raining over the Acacia Akasi-a-e Bi-oneun Bam
The Blues with the Black Scar Geomeun Sangcheo-ui Bureuseu
The Invisible Border Line Guggyeong-anin Gukgyeongseon
Take a Course to the South Gisureul Namjjok-euro Dollyeora
1964 Red Scarf Ppalgan Mahura
Where Can I Stand? Naega Seol Ttang-eun Eodinya
The Lady of Gye-dong Gyedong Assi
The Chaser Chugyeokja
The Loneliest Man in Seoul Seo-ulseo Je-il Sseulsseulhan Sanai
Stars on the Earth Daeji-ui Seongjwa
1963 The Marines Who Never Returned Dora-oji Anneun Haebyeong
Gaya's House Gaya-ui Jib
Prince Sun and Princess Moon Haennim Wangjawa Dalnim Gongju
The Only Son Oe-adeul
Golden Grass of Yesterday Yennare Geumjandi
00:15 Train from Daejeon Daejeonbal Yeongsi Osibbun
Hundred Years' Enmity Baengnyeonhan
Monyeo Ridge Where The Flute Is Played Pilibuldeon Monyeo Gogae
Love Like Stars Sarang-a Byeol-gwa Gachi
To Part at Busan Harbor in Tears Ulmyeo He-eojin Busanhang
A Beggar Prince Geoji Wangja
1963 Blood Relation Hyeolmaek
Jimmy Is Not Sad Jimmyneun Seulpeuji Anta
The Fiancee Yakhonnyeo
The Virgin in the Pub Seonsuljib Cheonyeo
Ssangeommu Ssanggeommu
Love and Good-bye Mannal Ttaewa He-eojil Ttae
The Long Nakdong River Nakdonggang Chilbaengri
The Iron-eating Monster Bulgasari
Mother's Love Moseong-ae
When the Cloud Scatters Away Gureumi Heuteojil Ttae
Where Love and Death Meet Sarang-gwa Jugeum-ui Haehyeob
A Log Bridge Oenamudari
Call 112 112reul Dollyeora
Yang Kuei-Fei Yang Gwibi
Great Monk Wonhyo Wonhyo Daesa
Sad Miari Pass Hanmaneun Miari Gogae
Son Ogong Son Ogong
The Way to Seoul Seoullo Ganeun Gil
Gyewolhyang Pyeongyang Gisaeng Gyewolhyang
Between the Sky and the Earth Haneulgwa Ttangsa-i-e
The Best Bride and a Plain Young Man Teukdeungsinbu-wa Samdeung Sillang
Want to Go Somewhere Eodinji Gago Sipeo
A Lady in Black Gloves Geomeun Janggab-ui Yeoin
Great Challenge Dae-dojeon
Even Though I Die Moksumeul Geolgo
The War and an Old Man Jeonjaenggwa No-in
There Is No Bad Man Agineun Eopda
What Happens in an Alley Golmogan Punggyeong
Be Tough, Geumsun! Gutse-eora Geumsuna
1962 Coming Home Gwihyang
Fishermen Eobudeul
Ignorant but Now Rich Chon Obogi
For This Moment I Sungan-eul Wihayeo
Emile Emille Jong
My Father Abeoji
Stars' Home Byeorui Gohyang
Farewell at Busan Ibyeol-ui Busan Jeonggeojang
Wonsullang Wonsullang
Yangsando Yangsando
Confession at Midnight Simya-ui Gobaek
Don't Touch Me Naemom-e Son-eul Daeji Mara
I Don't Regret Nae Cheongchun-e Han-eun Eopda
A Gang of Robbers Gundo
On the Eve of the Liberation Day Pariro Jeonya
A Sunflower Family Haebaragi Gajok
1960 Aimless Bullet Obaltan
Gate to the Forbidden Geumdan-ui mun
1961 Five Marines O in-ui haebyeong
Lim Kkeok-jeong Lim Kkeok-jeong
Half Brothers Ibok Hyeongje
A Mistress Jeongbu
A Disobedient Son Bulhyoja
A Fig Muhwagwa
Song in My Heart Naegaseum-e geu nolaeleul
A Rainbow Mujigae
Late-night Blues Sim-ya-ui buleuseu
Sorrow like a River Seulpeum-eun gangmulcheoleom
A Terminal Station of Separation Ibyeol-ui jongchag-yeog
An Image of Mother Mosang
Katyusha Katyusha
A Revival Jaesaeng
A Memorandum of a Female Teacher Eoneu yeogyosa-ui sugi
Mother's Power Eomeoni-ui him
A Son's Judgement Adeul-ui simpan
Mother Earth Daeji-ui eomeoni
The Moral of Youth Cheongchun-ui yunli
I Won't Cry Ulji anheulyeonda
Through a Darkness Amheug-eul ttulhgo
I Will Forget the Name Geu ireum-eul ij-euri
A Drifting Story Pyoludo
As You Please Jemeosdaelo
Although it is Far Gil-eun meol-eodo
A Young Blueprint Jeolm-eun seolgyedo
A Stormy Hill Pogpung-ui eondeog
The Milky Way in the Blue Sky Pureunhanul Eunhasu
Rainy Day 3 p.m. Bioneun Narui Ohu Sesi
A Star Crying Alone Hollo Uneun Byeol
A Barber of Jangmaru Village Jangmaruchonui Ibalsa
Stars Over the Window Byeoreun Changneomeoro
Always Thinking of You Jana Kkaena
Another Love Comes Again Sarang Dwie Oneun Sarang
I and a Star Byeolhana Nahana
Diary of Youths Cheongchunilgi
An Inn Yeoinsuk
A Vanished Dream Kkumeun Sarajigo
Spring Comes and Goes Ganeun Bom Oneun Bom
1959 Even the Clouds Are Drifting Gureumeun Heulleodo
Daewongun Regent and Queen Minbi Daewongungwa Minbi
Early Spring Jochun
Even The Love Has Gone Sarangeun Heulleogado
Independence Association and young Lee Seung-Man Dongniphyeophoewa Cheongnyeon Lee Seung-man
A Negro Whom I Got Naega Naeun Geomdungi
Men vs. Women Namseong Dae Yeoseong
A White Pearl Baekjinju
Affection and Apathy Yujeongmujeong (original title: Pamun)
She Should Live Saraya Handa
A Necklace of Reminiscence Chueogui Mokgeori
No More Tragedies Bigeugeun Eopda
Terms of Marriage Gyeolhonjogeon
A Way of a Body Yukcheui Gil, The Way of All Flesh
The Third Class Hotel Samdeunghotel
An Incense Fire Mado-ui hyangbul
The Love of Shadow Geurimja sarang
The Lost People Gil-ilh-eun salamdeul
An Exotic Garden Igugjeong-won
The Lost Youth Ilh-eobeolin cheongchun
Life of a Woman Geu yeoja-ui ilsaeng
A Night at a Harbor Hanggu-ui il-ya
The Sadness of Heredity Yujeon-ui aesu
A Woman's Enemy Yeoseong-ui jeog
1955 The Box of Death Jugeom-ui sangja
The Youth Jeolm-eun geudeul
Turbid Water Tangnyu


*Note; the whole list is referenced.[2]


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