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Choi Wan Estate.

Choi Wan Estate (Chinese: 彩雲邨) is a public housing estate in Ngau Chi Wan, Wong Tai Sin District,[1] Kowloon, Hong Kong, located between Ngau Chi Wan Village and Jordan Valley and the foot of Fei Ngo Shan.[2] The estate is divided into Choi Wan (I) Estate (彩雲(一)邨) and Choi Wan (II) Estate (彩雲(二)邨), and has a total of 21 blocks.[3] It is one of the largest public housing estates in Wong Tai Sin District.


Choi Wan Estate was the site of Ngau Chi Wan Village. Its name Choi Wan fits its geographical position because "Wan" (i.e. Choi Wan Estate, "Wan" means cloud in Cantonese) is above "Hung" (i.e. Choi Hung Estate, "Hung" means rainbow in Cantonese). The estate started construction in 1976 and finished in 1979.

Choi Wan Estate is one of the few public housing estates in Hong Kong which blocks are not named with character in the estate name (i.e. "Choi" or "Wan"). Instead, the blocks are named based on the Chinese astronomical matters, for instance, Ngan Ho House (銀河樓, lit. galaxy house) and Koon Yat House (觀日樓, "Koon Yat" meaning "viewing the sun").[4] The estate is also the namesake for the northwestern Pacific Ocean tropical cyclone name Choi-wan.


Choi Wan (I) Estate[edit]

Name[5] Type Completion
Koon Yat House Double H 1979
Boon Yuet House
King San House Old Slab 1980
Pak Hung House Double H
Cheung Bor House
Ngan Ho House
Sau Man House
Chi Siu House
Fei Fung House
Yau Lung House
Yat Yuet House
Sing San House
Sze Yu House
Kam Lam House
Pak Fung House 1981
Yuk Lun House

Choi Wan (II) Estate[edit]

Name[6] Type Completion
Fung Chak House Twin Tower 1978
Ming Lai House
Kai Fai House
Yok Yu House Double H 1979
King Kung House

Choi Fai Estate[edit]

Choi Fai Estate (Chinese: 彩輝邨) is a public housing estate in Ngau Chi Wan, at the upper hill above Choi Wan Estate and the foot of Fei Ngo Shan.[7] It has only 2 blocks built in 1995.[8]


Name[9] Type Completion
Choi Wah House Harmony 1 1995
Choi Yip House

Choi Fung Court[edit]

Choi Fung Court (Chinese: 彩峰苑) is a Home Ownership Scheme court in Ngau Chi Wan, near Choi Wan (I) Estate. It has one block built in 1997.


Name[10] Type Completion
Choi Fung Court Harmony 1997

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