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Choice Logistics, Inc.
Industry Logistics
Founded 1964
Founder Ed Katz, Chairman
Headquarters 1 Whitehall Street
12th Floor
New York, New York,
United States
Services Supply Chain Management

Choice Logistics is a company based in the United States, specializing in distributing service parts.


Choice Logistics was founded in 1964 as Choice Courier, delivering packages in New York City for accountants, lawyers, and other professional firms. As fax machines and electronic mail systems reduced the need for physical delivery of documents, Choice Logistics moved into the delivery of service parts for technology products.


Choice has a global network of more than 400 SSLs[1] and eight regional distribution centers.

Global Logistics Center[edit]

Choice Logistic’s "Global Logistics Center" (GLC) is the hub of the worldwide operation, housing the Call Center, Control Desk, Inventory Control group, and Field Services and Account Services.

Regional distribution centers[edit]

The company has eight regional distribution centers[2] around the world in Atlanta, Georgia, Hong Kong, Mexico City, Tilburg, Singapore, Sydney, and Toronto.

Trade compliance[edit]

Choice’s Global Trade Compliance (GTC) group offers to help clients understand the legal and environmental requirements associated with global commerce.[3]

Primary industries served[edit]


  • Michael Katz, CEO
  • James Adams, COO
  • Robert Bacchi, CIO
  • Matt McKeever, CFO
  • Anne Yarmark, Executive Vice President, Human Resources & Administration


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