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Choice of the People was an Australian daytime television series which aired on Sydney television station ATN-7 from 25 November 1957 to 3 October 1958. It was replaced on the schedule by Melody with Milton (1958-1960), which featured the same host.

Broadcast at 2:00PM on several weekdays each week, the series was hosted by Milton Saunders and featured music requested by viewers[1] with Saunders playing requested songs on the piano and organ.[2] The series was an early example of daytime television in Australia. ATN-7 experimented with daytime television. On the Friday that the final episode aired, the broadcasting day of the station began at 1:30PM with U.S. comedy series The Ray Milland Show.[3] By comparison, TCN-9 offered only the audio of music during that time of the day, with their first program on the day's schedule not airing until 5:00PM.

It is not known if any of the episodes are still extant, and it is possible (though not confirmed) that the series may be lost.


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