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The Quarter of Choiseul, in Saint Lucia
The Quarter of Choiseul, in Saint Lucia
Coordinates (city of Choiseul): 13°47′N 61°02′W / 13.783°N 61.033°W / 13.783; -61.033Coordinates: 13°47′N 61°02′W / 13.783°N 61.033°W / 13.783; -61.033
Country St. Lucia
Population (2002)
 • Total 6,174

Choiseul is a Quarter of the Caribbean island nation of Saint Lucia. Located on the southwestern side of the island, the quarter is home to 6,174 people, according to the 2002 census. [1]

The main city of the Quarter of Choiseul goes by the same name, and is located at 13°47′N 61°02′W / 13.783°N 61.033°W / 13.783; -61.033.

Choiseul is home to the indigenous craft of coal pot manufacturing on the island and many local arts and crafts can be purchased at the roadside craft market, including grass place mats, market chairs, and local clay products; such as coal pots which are still widely used in many St. Lucian kitchens.

Local attractions[edit]

  • Saltibus Waterfall Trail. North of Choiseul, near the village of Saltibus is a rainforest trail leading to Saltibus Waterfall. This is a series of five waterfalls with heights from 3 to 10 metres.
  • Sab Wee-Sha Beach. This is a black sand beach just north of Choiseul with spectacular views of Gros Piton as well as views of the neighbouring island of Saint Vincent.
  • Balenbouche Estate. This is a former sugar plantation set in 70 acres (280,000 m2) near the coast East of Choiseul. There are ruined sugar mills and today it is a heritage site as well as an organic farm.[1]
  • Anse l'Ivrogne Beach. The beach is regarded as one of the best sites for scuba diving in Saint Lucia and is known as "the Black Hole" because of the underwater drop of 600m. Anse l'Ivrogne is located at the foot of Gros Piton.
  • Morne Sion Windmills. Three windmills were built by the British in the early 19th Century to crush sugar cane for the production of rum as well as granulated sugar.
  • Pon George (Devil's Bridge). This is a bridge spanning a 60m deep ravine in the River Dorée area. Legend has it that the Devil wanted the soul of the first living thing to cross the bridge, so an enterprising local sent a dog over to cheat him.

Adjacent quarters[edit]


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