Nathu La and Cho La incidents

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Cho La incident
India Sikkim locator map.svg
The Cho La incident occurred in the Kingdom of Sikkim, between China and India.
Date 1 October — 10 October 1967
Location Chola, Kingdom of Sikkim, Indian Protectorate
(now Sikkim, India)
Result Indian victory[1]
Chinese withdrawal from Sikkim[2]
Flag of India.svg India Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg China
Commanders and leaders
Flag of India.svg Indira Gandhi Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg Mao Zedong
Casualties and losses
88 killed and 163 wounded in Cho La and the Nathu La incidents combined[3] 340 killed and 450 wounded in Cho La and Nathu La incidents combined[4][3][5]

The Cho La incident (1 – 10 October 1967) was a military conflict between India and China in the Himalayan Kingdom of Sikkim, then an Indian protectorate. The Chinese People's Liberation Army infiltrated Sikkim[6] on 1 October 1967, but was repulsed by the Indian Army by 10 October. During the Cho La and Nathu La incidents, Indian losses were 88 killed in action and 163 wounded,[3] while Chinese casualties were 340 killed in action and 450 wounded.[4][3][5]

The end of the battle saw the Chinese troops retreating from Sikkim after being defeated by Indian troops.[1][7][8]

Sikkim became an Indian state in 1975,[6] which was not recognised by China. In 2003, China recognised Sikkim as an Indian state, on condition that India accept that the Tibet Autonomous Region was a part of China, even though India had already done so back in 1953.[9][10][11][12] This mutual agreement led to a thaw in Sino-Indian relations.[13]

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