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Cholfirst Radio Tower is a 96-metre-tall (315 ft) lattice tower on Cholfirst Mountain at Flurlingen, Canton of Zurich, Switzerland.

The tower was built in 1973 by PTT on Cholfirst Mountain, a 570-metre (1,870 ft) mountain near Flurlingen (47°40′51″N 8°38′48″E / 47.68083°N 8.64667°E / 47.68083; 8.64667Coordinates: 47°40′51″N 8°38′48″E / 47.68083°N 8.64667°E / 47.68083; 8.64667) after 3 years of successful operation of an experimental TV transmitter on channel 47 on a 40-metre-tall (130 ft) tower nearby. The construction of Cholfirst Radio Tower cost 7 million Swiss Francs. On request of Flurlingen community it was equipped with an observation deck, accessible for tourists by stairway (no elevator) in a height of 42 metres, of which additional costs were paid by PTT.

Transmitted programmes[edit]

Programme Frequency ERP Remarks
DRS 1 90.3 MHz 0.45 kW
DRS 2 100.6 MHz 0.45 kW
DRS 3 105.7 MHz 0.45 kW
Radio Top 102.3 MHz 0.2 kW
Radio Munot 51.5 MHz 0.5 kW

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