Chollerford Bridge

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Chollerford Bridge
Flat Calm at Chollerford Bridge - - 441279.jpg
Coordinates 55°01′44″N 2°07′37″W / 55.029°N 2.127°W / 55.029; -2.127Coordinates: 55°01′44″N 2°07′37″W / 55.029°N 2.127°W / 55.029; -2.127
Carries road traffic
Crosses River Tyne
Locale Northumberland
Heritage status Grade II listed
Material stone
Architect Robert Mylne
Constructed by Robert Mylne
Construction end 1785
Daily traffic single carriageway
Toll No
Chollerford Bridge is located in Northumberland
Chollerford Bridge
Chollerford Bridge
Red pog.svg Chollerford Bridge shown within Northumberland
grid reference NY918705

Chollerford Bridge is a stone bridge that replaced an earlier medieval bridge crossing the River North Tyne[1] at Chollerford, Northumberland, England. It is a Grade II listed building. [2]

It was built in 1785 by Robert Mylne after the previous bridge had been swept away in the great floods of 1771.

Hadrian's Wall crossed the river to Chesters fort on the multi-arched Chesters Bridge about 700 m (770 yd) to the southwest.


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