Mount Cholomon

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Cholomondas Mountain, Chalkidiki, Greece - Dense forest.jpg
Mount Cholomondas with its dense forest
Elevation 1,165 m (3,822 ft)
Cholomondas is located in Greece
Location of Mount Cholomondas in Greece
Location Chalkidiki, Greece
Coordinates 40°27′34″N 23°31′13″E / 40.45944°N 23.52028°E / 40.45944; 23.52028Coordinates: 40°27′34″N 23°31′13″E / 40.45944°N 23.52028°E / 40.45944; 23.52028

Cholomon or Cholomondas (Greek: Χολομών, Χολομώντας, sometimes transliterated as Holomontas) is a mountain in Central Macedonia, Greece, that covers almost all of central and east Chalkidiki. The ancient Greeks called the mountain Ypsison. It is covered by dense oak forest and is part of the Natura 2000 network. The highest peak rises northeast of Polygyros, which is the capital of Chalkidiki, to 1.165 metres and is the highest point of Chalkidiki.