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For the riding, see Chomedey (electoral district).

Chomedey is a district in the southwest of the city of Laval and was a separate municipality until the municipal mergers on August 6, 1965. Named after Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve, part of the neighbourhood had previously been known as L'Abord à Plouffe, and was once part of the seigneurie system. In 1961 L'Abord-à-Plouffe amalgamated with Renaud and Saint-Martin, creating Chomedey. Chomedey's city hall became the city hall for all of Laval.


Chomedey is bordered on the south by the Rivière des Prairies, on the east by Laval-des-Rapides, Duvernay and Vimont, on the north by Sainte-Rose, on the north-west by Fabreville and on the west by Sainte-Dorothée.[1]

Chomedey is bordered by the Prairies River to the South, approximately by Autoroute 13 to the West, Autoroute 440 to the North, Des Laurentides Boulevard and Autoroute 15 to the East.


Since the 1960s, Chomedey's demographic composition has been different than Laval's other neighborhoods. Mirroring the geographic linguistic divisions in Montreal, there are more English-speakers in the west of Ile Jesus than in the east, and Chomedey has been home to the city's Anglophone and allophone minorities, notably a large community of Greeks.

Home Language (2006)[2]
Language Population Pct (%)
French 45,085 50.04%
English 17,510 19.43%
Both English and French 840 0.93%
English and a non-Official language 1,460 1.62%
French and a non-Official language 2,070 2.29%
English, French and a non-Official language 615 0.68%
Other languages 22,500 24.97%


The main thoroughfares are Curé-Labelle Blvd, Chomedey Blvd, Saint-Martin Blvd, Souvenir Rd, Notre-Dame Blvd, Samson Blvd, 100th Ave, Daniel-Johnson Blvd, Le Carrefour Blvd, Le Corbusier Blvd, Armand-Frappier Blvd, Cartier Blvd, Lévesque Blvd, Promenade Des Îles, Cléroux Blvd, Jean-Béraud Ave, Pierre-Péladeau Ave, Bois-de-Boulogne Ave, Avenir Blvd, Industriel Blvd, McNamara St, Terry-Fox Ave, Louis-Payette Ave and Perron Blvd.

Because of the rapid densification of this neighborhood and the development of the last fields and forested areas, there are more and more cars on the road. Since 2000, it is not uncommon to find yourself in a traffic jam on many of main thoroughfares. Curé-Labelle Blvd, Chomedey Blvd, Saint-Martin Blvd, Notre-Dame Blvd and Le Corbusier Blvd are often subject to traffic jams, but the creation of reserved bus lanes, an expanded bike path network as well as the extension of the Metro into Laval are all helping Chomedians to favor more sustainable transit alternatives.

Traffic is a common problem, with many residents travelling to Montreal combined with Laurentians-Montreal commuter and cottage traffic.

Other Facts[edit]

According to the 2001 Census 28% spoke only French, 10% English, 58% were bilingual in both French and English and 3% spoke other languages than French and English.[3]

The postal codes for this area begin with H7S, H7T, H7V, H7N and H7W. Land-based telephone numbers are assigned the 450 area code.


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Coordinates: 45°33′N 73°44′W / 45.550°N 73.733°W / 45.550; -73.733 (Chomedey, Quebec)