Chompa Toung

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Chompa Toung
The Cambodian film poster.
Directed by Lim Bun Lun
Written by Ang Duong
Distributed by Preah Tiakon entertainment
Release date
Cambodia 1974
Country Cambodia
Language Khmer

Chompa Toung (Khmer: ចំប៉ាថោង, Golden champak), also known in English as Crocodile Man 2, is a 1969 fantasy Cambodian horror film. It is the sequel to the 1967 film Crocodile Man. It is loosely based on one of the Royal Poems written by Khmer King Ang Duong (1796–1860).


Chompa Tong, a daughter of a king received two pets which one was a kitten and another was a crocodile's egg but she dropped the egg into the water where it grew into a powerful crocodile who could turn into a man and killed many women for food and fun. One day, Chompa Tong, was kidnapped and a young prince called Jak Jan, swam into the water to save her. Can Jak Jan save the princess from the terrible crocodile?



Song Singer(s) Notes
Knhom Chmuos Chey Chet Sinn Sisamouth and Ros Serey Sothea

Prasna Boun Kar