Chondracanthus (alga)

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Chondracanthus sp.
Scientific classification e
(unranked): Archaeplastida
Division: Rhodophyta
Class: Florideophyceae
Order: Gigartinales
Family: Gigartinaceae
Genus: Chondracanthus
Kützing 1843

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Chondracanthus is a red algae genus in the family Gigartinaceae. The name Chondracanthus is from χόνδρος} (khóndros or chondrus) meaning 'cartilage' and ακανϑα (acantha) meaning 'spine or thorn,'[1] together meaning 'with cartilaginous spines.'[2] This refers to the rubbery papillae on the surface of the blades containing the reproductive structures.[2]



A 2008 assessment of the genus showed the following phylogenetic tree:[3]

C. acicularis

C. chapmanii

C. intermedius

C. tenellus

C. harveyanus

C. corymbiferus

C. serratus

C. bajacalifornicus

C. kjeldsenii

C. canaliculatus

C. chamissoi

C. tepidus

C. teedei

C. squarrulosus

C. spinosus

C. exasperatus


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