Chongqing Nankai Secondary School

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Chongqing Nankai Secondary School
Office Building of Nankai.JPG
Administrative building
1 South Shapingba Street
Chongqing, 400030
Type Public school senior high school
Motto 允公允能 日新月异
Commitment to society, persistent self-improvement
Founded 1936
Founder Zhang Boling
School district Shapingba
CEEB code 694382
Principal Tian Xiangping (田祥平)
Faculty about 200
Age range 15 ~ 18
Language Chinese
Campus size 24 hectares
School colour(s)      Purple
Tuition 1200 RMB (203.18 U.S. dollars) per term for senior high [Note 1]
Funding anniversary October 17

Chongqing Nankai Secondary School (simplified Chinese: 重庆南开中学; traditional Chinese: 重慶南開中學; pinyin: Chóngqìng Nánkāi Zhōngxúe) is a senior high school in Chongqing, China. It is located in Chenjiawan, Shapingba District. In a 2016 ranking of Chinese high schools that send students to study in American universities, Chongqing Nankai Secondary School ranked number 28 in mainland China in terms of the number of students entering top American universities. [1] [2]


Chongqing Nankai Secondary School, founded in 1936 by the educationist Zhang Boling, is a secondary school supervised by the Chongqing Municipal Education committee.[citation needed] In 1953, it was taken over by the municipal government and renamed No.3 Middle School. In 1984, the wife of late Premier Zhou Enlai, who was also the vice-chairman of CPPCC, Deng Yingchao inscribed the school name.

The school campus covers an area of 362 mus (24 hectares).[citation needed] The campus has facilities such as science and computer laboratories, an astronomical observatory, a library, a school history museum, an indoor sports hall, a grand auditorium, an artistic centre(studios), two outdoor stadiums, an indoor swimming pool, student dorms and Business Street. The school’s library has over 150 thousand volumes.

Chongqing Nankai Secondary School has a teaching staff of about 200, including 90 senior teachers, 9 special-graded teachers and 9 research fellows.[citation needed] Over 105 young teachers have a master's degree or above. The school participates in academic exchanges and has established academic relations with schools in the United States and Japan. About 30 teachers have been sent abroad on lecture tours or for advanced studies. Teachers in the school have won national prizes for improvement in teaching method and some teachers were specially rewarded by the state council.

More than 20 graduates have become the deputies of People’s Congress and members of The Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) in the school.

The school enrolment is over 6000, about 3000 of them living on campus. Every year about 99% of graduates enrol in colleges, among whom about 90% enter national universities. The number of students admitted by Peking University or Tsinghua University has been the highest among schools in Chongqing for years.

Celebrated scientists including some thirty academicians of the Chinese Academy of Science and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, educationalists, leaders of the CPC and the central government have graduated from the school in the past six decades.

The school has developed an education technology center, astronomical observatory, website and distance educational network.

Chongqing Nankai Secondary school old image
Chongqing Nankai Secondary school old image

In the summer of 1936, educator Zhang Boling, founder of Nankai High School in Tianjin, came to Chongqing and built a private school, Nanyu Middle School (南渝中学; literally South Chongqing Middle School).[citation needed] After the Marco Polo Bridge Incident, Nankai High School in Tianjin was heavily damaged by Japanese airraids. Many students and teachers fled to southwestern China. Among them, some went to Chongqing, and joined Nanyu Middle School, while others went to Zigong and joind Shuguang High School, another high school under Zhang Boling's management. In December 1938, Nanyu Middle School changed its name to Chongqing Private Nankai Middle School (重慶私立南开中学). After the founding of People’s Republic of China, its name is changed to Chongqing No.3 Middle school. In 1980s, Chongqing Nankai Secondary School has become its official name, yet in some unofficial occasions, the title "Chongqing No.3 Middle school" is still being used today.[when?][citation needed]


We are in love with Nankai.
We are in love with Nankai.

The school previously owned significant assets in Nankai Cheng, but these were sold for commercial purposes in 1994. This gave the school a chance to heavily improve its campus environment. Now Chongqing Nankai Secondary school has another campus, called Naikai (Rongqiao) middle school, which is located at Fenglin Rd, Nan'an, Chongqing, China. The new campus opened in 2004 used to only had students in 7th and 8th grade and those in 9th grade usually went back to the old main campus in Shapingba. 2015 class was the last class to have the tradition of returning. Since 2016 students in Naikai (Rongqiao) no longer transfer back to Naikai Secondary School. Instead, all middle school students will finish all three years in the new campus.[citation needed]

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The old library with statue of Zhang Boling.
A traditional house in Jinnancun, which was built in 1936, and now serves as a teachers' dormitory.

33 graduates are members of the Chinese Academy of Science and Chinese Academy of Engineering:



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  1. ^ It used to have junior high department, which is public-private-partnership (PPP) and provided free education but was turned to an independent private school in 2015 because of the new policy against PPP schools to try to provide equal education.

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