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China Railway
Chongqing Railway Station 01.jpg
Chongqing railway station
Other names Caiyuanba railway station
Location Caiyuan Lu, Yuzhong District, Chongqing
Coordinates 29°33′9.5″N 106°32′38.5″E / 29.552639°N 106.544028°E / 29.552639; 106.544028
Operated by Chengdu Railway Bureau
China Railway Corporation
Line(s) Chuanqian Railway
Chengyu Railway
Xiangyu Railway
Platforms 4
  • Bus terminal
Opened 1952

The Chongqing railway station(simplified Chinese: 重庆站; traditional Chinese: 重慶站; pinyin: Chóngqìng zhàn) is a railway station of Chengyu Railway, Xiangyu Railway, Chuanqian Railway, Chengyu Passenger Railway, that located in People's Republic of China.

Once the most important railway station in Chongqing, this station handled virtually all long distance services to the rest of China. Located between central city area and the Yangtze River, the extremely steep terrain of Chongqing requires the longest escalator in Asia between the station to the commercial districts and Chongqing Metro Line 1 and Line 3.[citation needed]

Currently[when?] the station has been closed for major renovations, in line with construction of the Chengdu–Chongqing Intercity Railway.[citation needed] Until 2015, only the ticket hall will remain open. However it is still also the site of a major bus terminal.

Chongqing railway station is a transportation hub of Chongqing City, a municipality of China.


Chongqing station is a first-class terminus station of the Chengdu-Chongqing Railway, Xiangfan and Sichuan-Guizhou Railway. Due to its unique size and location, the throughput of the station is less than it was 20 years ago (the site is too small, requiring frequent shunting).[citation needed] With the limitations of Chongqing city's unique mountain environment, the station space is very narrow and not be able to further expand the station's capacity. Chongqing station will continue to maintain the same capacity of the 60-year first-class station. Other stations in Chongqing (such as Chongqing North) have been built, upgraded or being planned to handle the increased passenger needs of the city.

Station layout[edit]

Yard Layout
1 Track Buffer |
1 Platform Low Level
2 Platform Low Level
2 Track Buffer |
3 Track Relief Track Buffer |
4 Track Buffer |
3 Platform Low Level
4 Platform Low Level
5 Track Buffer |
6 Track Relief Track Buffer |
7 Track Buffer |
5 Platform Low Level
6 Platform Low Level
8 Track Buffer |
9 Track Buffer |
7 Platform Low Level
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In 1950, construction started, using about 1,100 engineers and 3,000 "counter-revolutionary criminals" and other prisoners to participate in the construction of the Chongqing Station by reform through labor.[citation needed]

Chongqing station was opened by Marshal Liu in 1952.[1]

In 1992, the Chengdu Railway Bureau attempted to fill in the river or even build an elevated railway station to increase capacity at Chongqing station.[citation needed] However the existing highway and Caiyuanba interchange hub along the Yangtze River forced them to abandon the construction. This caused the expansion of Shapingba railway station. While in Yubei area away from the main city 17 km outside addition to the construction of the new first-class station in Chongqing North railway station to ease passenger pressure at Chongqing station.

Reconstruction and rehabilitation works commenced in 2012.[citation needed] Chongqing railway station will be the terminus for the high-speed Chengdu–Chongqing Intercity Railway with a riverside park established on the roof.

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