Chongqing University of Science and Technology

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Coordinates: 29°36′08″N 106°19′45″E / 29.6022°N 106.329278°E / 29.6022; 106.329278

Chongqing University of Science and Technology
Chongqing University of Science and Technology logo.png
Motto 厚德、博学、励志、笃行
Type Public university
Established 1951年5月18日
President Huachuan Yi
Academic staff
1,129 teachers
Administrative staff
1,533+ staff.
Students 20,000+ students
Location Chongqing,  People's Republic of China
Campus Urban
Colors purplewhite

Chongqing University of Science and Technology is located in Shapingba District of Chongqing City, by the Chongqing Municipal People's government and the China National Petroleum Corporation, China Petrochemical Corporation, China National Offshore Oil Corporation, named "Excellence Engineer Education Program", "Data China 100 School Project", is a mainly, petroleum and chemical industry, metallurgy, machinery and materials with electronics, safety and environmental protection features, covering science, engineering, economics and management, law, literature and art of the multidisciplinary coordinated development of full-time public universities.

Location and Campus[edit]

The university has three campuses. They are in College City of Chongqing Yangjiaping and Daping. After 2004 ,Only one campus is located in Chongqing municipality of college town,it's a new campus.


The university is organised into the following colleges. [1]

Colleges and Departments[edit]

  • College of Metallurgy & Material Engineering
  • College of Petrol Engineering
  • College of Mechanical Engineering
  • College of Electronic & Information Engineering
  • College of Architectural Engineering
  • College of Biology & Chemistry Engineering
  • College of Management
  • College of Adult Education
  • Department of Humanities & Social Science
  • Department of Economy
  • Department of Mathematics & Physics
  • Department of Foreign Languages
  • Department of Art
  • Department of Physical Education


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