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Chosŏn'gŭl 천주사
Revised Romanization Cheonjusa
McCune–Reischauer Ch'ǒnjusa

Ch'ŏnju-sa is a Korean Buddhist temple located on the southern slope of Yaksan mountain, in Yongbyon, North Pyongan province, North Korea. It is listed as National Treasure #46 in that country. Founded in 1684 during the mid-Joseon dynasty,[1] the temple today retains its main prayer hall, known as Pogwang Hall (普光殿); the Chonju Pavilion (天柱樓), once known as one of the six most scenic spots in Yongbyon; and several lesser outbuildings, including storage rooms, and dormitories. Many buildings still feature delicate original paintings in a well-preserved state.


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Coordinates: 37°58′54″N 126°28′24″E / 37.98167°N 126.47333°E / 37.98167; 126.47333