Choonhae College of Health Sciences

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Choonhae College of Health Sciences
Hangul 춘해대학
Hanja 春海大學
Revised Romanization Chunhae Daehak
McCune–Reischauer Ch'unhae Taehak

Choonhae College is a private technical college located in Ulsan metropolitan city, in southeastern South Korea. The current president is Bok-yong Kim (김복영). Founded as a nursing school, the college continues to have a strong focus on medical studies, and also operates a hospital.


The college's academic offerings are almost exclusively medicine-related, being provided by departments of Nursing, Counselling Psychology, Yoga, Social Welfare, Therapeutic Special Education for Children, and Computer Information Technology.


The college was founded in 1968 as Choonhae Nursing School (춘해간호학교).

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