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Highest point
Elevation6,354 m (20,846 ft)
Coordinates9°05′12″S 77°34′26″W / 9.08667°S 77.57389°W / -9.08667; -77.57389Coordinates: 9°05′12″S 77°34′26″W / 9.08667°S 77.57389°W / -9.08667; -77.57389
Language of nameQuechua
Chopicalqui is located in Peru
LocationYungay Province, Peru
Parent rangeCordillera Blanca (Andes)
First ascentAugust 3, 1932 by H. Hoerlin, E. Schneider, P. Borchers, E. Hein

Chopicalqui[1][2] or Chopicallqui[3] (possibly from Huaylas Quechua Chawpi "center" kallki "ravine")[4] is a mountain in the Cordillera Blanca area in the Andes of Peru.[1] With a summit elevation of 6,354 metres (20,846 ft) above sea level[1] it is one of the highest peaks of the Cordillera Blanca. It lies in Yungay Province, Ancash, between the mountains Huascarán and Contrahierbas.[1][3]


The standard climbing route is the Southwest Ridge, a moderate snow climb that is popular with climbers and can be crowded at times. It possesses a difficulty rating of PD+/AD- on the French System for grading alpine routes but deep snow on the summit slopes causes most failures for parties attempting the ridge.[5]

Other established climbing routes include the following:

  1. Southeast Ridge (alpine grade TD-).[5]
  2. East Face Direct (alpine grade TD).[5]


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