Chopper Attack

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Chopper Attack
Chopper Attack Coverart.png
North American Nintendo 64 cover art
Developer(s)SETA Corporation[1]
Publisher(s)Midway Games
Platform(s)Nintendo 64
  • JP: November 28, 1997
  • NA: June 17, 1998
  • PAL: September 1, 1998
Genre(s)Third-person shooter

Chopper Attack (known as Wild Choppers in Japan) is a helicopter-based third-person shooter game for the Nintendo 64 released in 1997.

The game features numerous missions in various locations. Missions include bombing the enemy's bases, escorting Air Force One through dangerous jungle terrain, and rescuing prisoners of war. Every mission has a time limit.[2]


Chopper Attack was among the games demonstrated at the November 1996 Shoshinkai show.[3] A two-player split screen mode was worked on,[4] but eliminated by the time the game was released.


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