Chopping Block

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Chopping Block
Author(s) Lee Adam Herold
Launch date July 25, 2000
Genre(s) Dark humor

Chopping Block is a webcomic by Lee Adam Herold, hosted on Keenspot. The strip takes a one-panel format with a text caption underneath the picture, and is updated sporadically; Herold admits that he will "update from time to time, then... disappear for even longer."[1]

Chopping Block uses a gray-tone art style that is inked and sponged before being scanned into the computer.[2]


In 2001, Chopping Block won the Web Cartoonist's Choice Awards for Best Concept, Best Male Character (Butch), Best Gag Comic, and Best Other Genre Comic; it was also nominated for the award for Best Art.[3] The next year it again won the awards for Best Male Character, Best Gag Comic, Best Other Comic, and Best Art; it was also nominated for Best Comic.[4] In 2003 it was nominated for Outstanding Art, Outstanding Black and White Art, Outstanding Short Form Comic, and Outstanding Gag Comic.[5]


  • Chopping Block Vol. 1: Always Remember to Bring the Scythe (2004) ISBN 0-9722350-3-5

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