Choquette Hot Springs Provincial Park

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Choquette Hot Springs Provincial Park is a provincial park in the Stikine Country region of northwestern British Columbia, Canada. Despite the park's name, the official and most commonly used name of the springs it was established to protect is Stikine River Hot Springs. The park gets its name by the springs' proximity to Choquette Bar, site of the first gold strike of the Stikine Gold Rush of 1861 and named for Alexander "Buck" Choquette, the strike's discoverer.

The park is in the traditional territory of the Tahltan people.

Location and access[edit]

The park is located 120 km southwest of the community of Telegraph Creek on the lower Stikine River near its confluence with the Iskut River, and is immediately opposite Great Glacier Provincial Park across the Stikine River. Access is by boat on the river or by helicopter only.

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Coordinates: 56°49′45″N 131°45′20″W / 56.82917°N 131.75556°W / 56.82917; -131.75556