Chor Lau-heung (1985 TV series)

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Chor Lau-heung
Chor Lau-heung (1985 TV series).jpg
DVD cover art
Genre Wuxia
Written by Gu Long (original story)
Yao Ching-kang
Wang Chung-jen
Directed by Chang Peng-i
Li Yue-feng
Hsu Sheng-yu
Starring Adam Cheng
Opening theme Yun Yi (雲漪) performed by Fei Yu-ching
Country of origin Taiwan
Original language(s) Mandarin
No. of episodes 20
Producer(s) Chou Ling-kang
Men Tzu-chian
Chen Kuo-chi
Running time 120 minutes per episode
Original network CTV
Original release 11 February 1985 – 2 March 1986
Preceded by Chor Lau-heung (1979 TV series)
Chor Lau-heung
Traditional Chinese 楚留香新傳
Simplified Chinese 楚留香新传
Literal meaning New Legend of Chu Liuxiang

Chor Lau-heung is a Taiwanese television series adapted from Chu Liuxiang Xinzhuan of Gu Long's Chu Liuxiang novel series. Adam Cheng starred as the titular protagonist, Chor Lau-heung (Cantonese for "Chu Liuxiang"). The series was divided into four parts, each lasting 4 to 6 episodes and with a different director. It was first broadcast on CTV in Taiwan in 1985. The series is an unofficial sequel to the 1979 Hong Kong TVB TV series of the same title, with the story continuing from where the 1979 series left off. The character So Yung-yung does not appear in this series because the character died at the end of the 1979 series.


Part 1: Legend of New Moon (新月傳奇)[edit]

News of Princess Xinyue's marriage to Heavenly King Shi cause much excitement in the jianghu. However, the princess goes missing suddenly and Chu Liuxiang is accused of having kidnapped her, and he becomes the primary target of many martial artists. Chu is unable to explain himself and can only promise to find the princess within ten days. He encounters all kinds of danger during his quest to find the missing princess.

Part 2: Legend of the Orchid (蘭花傳奇)[edit]

A strange orchid is said to hold a big secret of the martial artists' community. Several pugilists are eager to get the flower and start fighting among themselves. A mysterious killer goes around murdering innocent people, leaving behind an orchid beside each victim's body. Chu Liuxiang decides to investigate the case and unravel the mystery.

Part 3: Legend of the Parrot (鸚鵡傳奇)[edit]

The White Jade Parrot, a treasure of the Loulan Kingdom, has been stolen. Tie Hen, the best constable in Loulan, is sent to investigate the theft. Chu Liuxiang is among the suspects.

Part 4: Legend of the Shadow (影子傳奇)[edit]

On the night of the full moon, members of the five major sects die mysteriously from unnatural causes. The sects enlist the help of Chu Liuxiang to find out the truth within three months. Chu trails the shadow of a mysterious person and finds something suspicious about his girlfriend Shen Wuxin. His investigation further leads him to an unsolved mystery 20 years ago. At the same time, Shen's brother is planning to dominate the jianghu.


Part 1[edit]

  • Adam Cheng as Chu Liuxiang
  • Michelle Yim as Su Rongrong / Su Mangmang
  • Eddy Ko as Hu Tiehua
  • Huang Hui-wen as Princess Xinyue
  • Shen Hai-jung as Mister Du
  • Hsiang Peng-yun as Jiao Lin
  • Koon Jing-wah as Yingzi
  • Chen Mei-chun as Li Hongxiu
  • Chiang Li-li as Song Tian'er
  • Fang Mian as Eunuch Qin

Part 2[edit]

  • Adam Cheng as Chu Liuxiang
  • Ching Li as Su Su
  • Eddy Ko as Hu Tiehua
  • Chiang Hou-jen as Murong Qingyun
  • Wu Feng as Zuo Qinghou
  • Lin Ling as Zuo Piaopiao
  • Lin Hsiu-chun as Madam Yu
  • Kuo Yen-yen as Shuiyin
  • Chen Li-hua as Taiyang
  • Kung Lien-hua as Wuse
  • Cheng Peng as Shangguan Dao
  • Yu Shih-keng as Xiaoshuidi
  • Li Chiang as Daonu
  • Yi Chiang as Shui Linglong
  • Lin Kuang-jung as Granny Ding
  • Su Kuo-liang as Liu Mingqiu
  • Yang Chi-tung as Wujie

Part 3[edit]

  • Adam Cheng as Chu Liuxiang
  • Chen Yu-mei as Xuenu
  • Li Hai-hsing as Hu Tiehua
  • Hsiang Yun-peng as Tie Hen
  • Tie Meng-chiu as Loulan King
  • Liu Hsiao-ping as Queen
  • Lin Hsiu-chun as Tang Yu
  • Tu Tai-feng as Song Bieli
  • Mei Chang-fen as Li Hongxiu
  • Lu Hsiao-huang as Song Tian'er

Part 4[edit]

  • Adam Cheng as Chu Liuxiang
  • Chiu Shu-yi as Shen Wuxin
  • Teng Mei-fang as Lian Furong
  • Li Hai-hsing as Hu Tiehua
  • Hua Lun as Yuan Wenxiu
  • Cheng Peng as Yue Wushuang
  • Liu Lin as Wu Buzhi
  • Li Chiang as Zhong Kui
  • Kuan Hung as Laosaoba
  • Mei Changfen as Li Hongxiu
  • Lu Hsiao-huang as Song Tian'er
  • Tu Tai-feng as Yu Keren
  • Lin Kuang-jung as Li San
  • Pai Lung as Bai Wuchang
  • Chen Min-hua as Hei Wuchang

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