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Chora can mean one of several things:


  • Chora, the main town (or village) on Greek islands such as Mykonos, Naxos and others where the town name has the same name as the island. In addition, often, even on islands where the main town has an independent name, the word 'Chora' may still be used to refer to it informally.
  • Chora District in the Uruzgan province of Afghanistan
  • Chora (woreda), a district in the Oromia Region of Ethiopia
  • The Chora Church, a Byzantine church in Istanbul
  • Chora, Iran, village in Gilan Province
  • Isle of Chora, Costa Rica A small island off the beach city of Samara, on the northwest shore of Costa Rica


  • Khôra, a philosophical term described by Plato meaning a space, or place in space; the milieu in which Forms materialize


  • Chora, the proper name of Avendesora, or The Tree Of Life in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series during the Age of Legends
  • Chorae, instruments which repudiate sorcery in R. Scott Bakker's Second Apocalypse series


  • Chora, a genus of nolid moths
  • Chora (software), a web-based CVS repository viewer. Part of the Horde framework
  • Chora (Programming Language), an object oriented programming language, specialized for the development of graphical user interface applications
  • Chora, the Greek word for “countryside"