Choragwica transmitter

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Chorągwica Transmitter
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General information
LocationMietniów, Lesser Poland Voivodeship
Completed22 December 1962
Height286 m (938.32 ft)
Chorągwica Transmitter
Chorągwica Transmitter is located in Poland
Chorągwica Transmitter
Chorągwica Transmitter
Coordinates: 49°57′31″N 20°04′54″E / 49.95861°N 20.08167°E / 49.95861; 20.08167

Chorągwica Transmitter is a facility for FM- and TV-broadcasting at Chorągwica near Mietniów, Wieliczka County in Poland. Chorągwica transmitter uses as antenna tower a 286 metre tall guyed mast, built in 1962.

Transmitted Programmes

Digital Television MPEG-4

Multiplex Number Programme in Multiplex Frequency Channel Power ERP Polarisation Antenna Diagram Modulation
MUX 1 506 MHz 25 100 kW Horizontal ND 64 QAM
MUX 2 490 MHz 23 100 kW Horizontal ND 64 QAM
MUX 3 706 MHz 50 100 kW Horizontal ND 64 QAM
MUX 3*(SW) 682 MHz 47 35 kW Horizontal D 64 QAM
MUX 8 191,5 MHz 7 10 kW Vertical D 64 QAM

MUX 3*(SW) - Transmitters for Southern part Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship


Program Frequency Transmission Power Polarisation Direction
PR1 Polskie Radio S.A. 89,40 MHz 60 kW H ND
RMF FM Radio Muzyka Fakty Sp. z o.o. 96 MHz 60 kW H ND
PR3 Polskie Radio S.A. 99,40 MHz 60 kW H ND
Radio Kraków Polskie Radio - Regionalna Rozgłośnia w Krakowie "Radio Kraków" S.A. 101,60 MHz 60 kW H ND
Radio ZET Radio ZET Sp. z o.o. 104,10 MHz 60 kW H ND
Radio Plus - Eurozet Sp. z o. o. 106,10 MHz 10 kW H ND


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