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Chore charts are also called reward charts, behavior charts, chore calendars, chore lists or task lists. A chore chart is a listing used to track and organize the house work. The chart can be physical or virtual and is often a means used by parents to post chores expected of their children.

Different homes have different ways of organizing and implementing a chore system, including simple paper charts tacked on the refrigerator. There has been a lot of research, experiential evidence and discussion of chore charts.[1][2]

Age appropriate chores[edit]

Chore charts list household tasks, sometimes one chore chart per child and sometimes a combined list. Since children of different abilities and ages can handle various responsibilities, the chores featured on a chore chart can be divided by age.[3] Younger children may not responsibly handle complex chores, but may still be able and want to help around the house.

Reward for chores[edit]

While some parents do not give allowance or reward for household chores, there is evidence that allowance and reward helps to create financially sound adults and teach financial responsibility.[4]

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