Chorizo de Pamplona

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Chorizo de Pamplona

Chorizo de Pamplona is a sausage that is typical in the cuisine of the Navarre region of Spain It is prepared with equal parts of finely-chopped beef and pork and significant amounts of a strong smoked paprika, pork fat and[1] a natural or plastic casing which is designated to have a minimum size of forty millimeters in diameter. The red-orange coloration is due to the addition of paprika, which is abundant in Navarre. Despite its local name, it is a very common type of sausage in delicatessens around the Spanish territory. It is also produced and sold in Pamplona, Spain.[2]


Chorizo de Pamplona is a fermented, cured and dried sausage,[1][3] and its texture is typically dry.[4] It has been described as having similar qualities to that of pepperoni sausage. Its flavor has been described as tangy, salty, and as having a slight bitterness derived from the pimentón (Spanish smoked paprika) used in its preparation.[5]

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