Chorla Ghat

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Coordinates: 15°39′01″N 74°07′28″E / 15.650354°N 74.124327°E / 15.650354; 74.124327

Chorla ghat view point

Chorla Ghat is a nature destination located on the intersection of the borders of Goa, Karnataka and Maharashtra. It lies to the north-east of Panaji, Goa (about 50 kilometers by road) and nearly 55 kilometers from Belgaum , Karnataka . It is a part of the Western Ghats in the Sahyadri mountain range and is at an elevation of 800 meters. Chorla ghat boasts of a few rare species of wild-life such as the barred wolf snake (Lycodon striatus) in its sub-tropical forests.

The Nature Conservation Facility has been established at Chorla Ghat to facilitate research and long term monitoring of the Western Ghats of the Sahyadris region and their biodiversity and is intended at providing a platform for ecologists and wildlife biologists by way of a fully equipped field station for this area.[citation needed]

Places to visit include Twin Vajra Waterfalls and Peak of Lasni Temb. Activities include: Foot trail, Jungle walks, Treks and hike, Machans and hide.