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Chornivka (Ukrainian: Чорнівка, Romanian: Cernăuca, German: Czernowka) is a village in the Chernivtsi Oblast (province) of western Ukraine. It is located in the Novoselytsky Raion (district) in the historic region of Bukovina (Ukrainian: Буковина), approximately 22 km from the oblast capital, Chernivtsi.

The current estimated population is 2,340 (as of 2005).

As of 2005, the mayor was Gheorghe Bota.


Chornivka is home to the ancestral estate of the Hurmuzachi brothers, a well-known family of Romanian aristocrats, lawyers and historians from the 19th century. The mansion was transformed into a museum in October 1999.

In the 17th century, the estate had been in the possession of the family of Ion Neculce, a Moldavian chronicler. It had come into the family's possession by marriage, as a wedding gift to Neculce's mother. It was then passed on to one of Neculce's sisters.

The oldest church, built by the Hurmuzachi family, dates back to 1852.

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Coordinates: 48°25′12″N 26°0′36″E / 48.42000°N 26.01000°E / 48.42000; 26.01000