Chosen Ones

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Chosen Ones
ApologetiX Chosen Ones.jpg
Live album by ApologetiX
Released October 2007
Recorded 3 August 2007 in Lisbon, Ohio
Genre Christian
Length 50:19
Label Parodudes
Producer Karl Messner
ApologetiX chronology
Chosen Ones
Future Tense
(2008)Future Tense2008

Chosen Ones is the second live album & 14th album overall by Christian parody band ApologetiX. It was their last album to feature long-time lead guitarist & producer Karl Messner, who left in September 2007 to focus on his family.[1]


In July 2007, ApologetiX fans were given a list of unreleased parodies & asked them to choose 10 favorites. ApologetiX then performed the chosen songs in front of a live audience in Lisbon, Ohio on 3 August 2007. ApologetiX also chose to rerecord two previously released tracks, as they thought the current live versions were superior to the originals.[2]

Track listing[edit]

All parodies were re-written by lead singer J. Jackson, with the exception of "Born-Again Child," which was based off a parody bassist Keith Haynie had written. "Born-Again Child" is the only parody that J. did not write solo.

  1. "Born-Again Child" - 3:56
  2. "Never Been To Spain (Yet)" - 3:49
  3. "Revelation" - 3:19
  4. "Search & You'll Get Saved" - 2:34
  5. "Get A Bite" - 4:21
  6. "Hell!" - 2:23
  7. "Hey, Zaccheus" - 3:36
  8. "Can't Eat Enough" - 3:27
  9. "Kosmik" - 7:31
  10. "Fly Away From Hell" - 3:23
  11. "Two-Time Baby/Lord'sHouse Blues" - 3:58
  12. "Narrow Way To Heaven" - 7:58


  • J. Jackson: Lead vocals
  • Karl Vaughn Messner: Lead guitar, background vocals, bass on "Get A Bite"
  • Keith "Pack Man" Haynie: Bass, lead guitar on "Get A Bite"
  • Jimmy "Vegas" Tanner: Drums, percussion
  • Bill "Wild Thing" Hubauer: Keyboards, guitars, background vocals


  • Produced by: Karl Messner

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