Choson Sinbo

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This article is about the Zainichi Korean newspaper. For the South Korean newspaper, see Chosun Ilbo.
Chosun Shinbo
Type Weekly newspaper
Publisher General Association of Korean Residents
Launched 1 June 1957
Language Korean and Japanese
Country Japan
Choson Sinbo
Japanese name
Kana ちょうせんしんぽう
Korean name
Hangul 조선신보
Hanja 朝鮮新報

The Choson Sinbo (Chosun Shinbo), also known by the name of its English edition The People's Korea, is a newspaper based in Japan, published in both Korean and Japanese. The name literally means 'Chosun (Korea) Newspaper'. It is published by the General Association of Korean Residents, a pro-North Korea representative body for Zainichi Koreans, who also run The People's Korea (PK), an English language news site. Although it has an anti-Japan position, it published an article that showed sympathy towards both the Korean residents and the Japanese citizens who were affected from the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami.[1]

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