Choti Si Kahani

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Choti Si Kahani
Poster of TV serial Choti si Kahani.jpg
Also known as A Little Story
Genre Drama
Written by Haseena Moin
Directed by Kamran Qureshi
Starring Nadia Hussain
Adnan Siddiqui
Ayesha Khan
Farhan Ali Agha
Sadia Imam
Shamoon Abbasi
Saboor Ali
Ali Afzal
Hassan Ahmed
Tehreem Zuberi
Durdana Butt
Rashid Farooqi
Noman Habib.
Theme music composer Farrukh Abid
Opening theme "Choti Si Kahani" by Sara Raza Khan
Composer(s) Shoaib Farrukh
Country of origin Pakistan
Original language(s) Urdu
No. of episodes 17
Executive producer(s) Satish Anand
Producer(s) Raheel Uddin Faridi
Production location(s) Karachi, Pakistan
Cinematography Faizan Kamal
Editor(s) Faheem Ahmed
Irfan Qasim
Running time 45 minutes
Original network PTV
First shown in Pakistan
Original release 2011 (2011)
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Choti Si Kahani (Urdu: چهوٹى سى كہانى‎) is a TV serial directed by Kamran Qureshi, written by Haseena Moin and produced by J.C. Anand's founded production house Eveready Pictures.[1]

The serial is based on mistrust in marital life, discontinuation of females' education due to early age marriages and women's independence as wife. Also showing the ups and downs in the life of three women and their struggle.[2]


Khalida (Sadia Imam), Rushna (Ayesha Khan) & Mishal (Nadia Hussain) were fellow school mates when, Munir Hussain (Rashid Farooqi), foreign qualified but mentally conservative son of a millionaire businessman had a crush on Khalida and marries her by threatening her family. She gives birth to a daughter Sanara (Saboor Ali) which disappoints Munir who already have two daughters from first wife in the village.

Mishal, a daughter of poor hoarding painter, who dreamt of becoming a supermodel, loved Ramish (Shamoon Abbasi), a boy from family friends. Mishal joined modelling and Ramish left country. Mishal is liked by a TV director Raheel (Hassan Ahmed). She comes across Ramish one day and finds that he is already married with two children but his wife died. They both start meeting again but Ramish’s children disapprove her and Mishal then accepts Raheel’s love.

Rushna became a top TV Anchor. She married to Ahmed (Adnan Siddiqui) who is an airline pilot and has a daughter Sawera (Ushna). Their married life was ideal but an air hostess Nashmia (Tehreem Zuberi), who likes Ahmed, comes in between.

Mishal’s friend Rajal (Farhan Ali Agha), a psychiatrist, one day meets Rushna with Mishal. He starts visiting Rushna’s home, pretending to help her mentally in her married life crisis due to Nashmia. One day he expresses his love for Rushna. On hearing this Ahmed leaves home taking his daughter Sawera. Rushna insults Rajal and breaks her relations with him.

Ahmed decides to marry Nashmia but first wants his daughter to become familiar with Nashmia but both cannot accept each other. Ahmed is disappointed of Nashmia’s behaviour and returns to Rushna who accepts him back as both admit their mistakes.

Khalida’s mother, Amma Bi (Durdana Butt), comes to live with them after Munir’s murder. Now there is no one to run the business as Khalida was a housewife and has no experience or education after school. She comes across Asif, the owner of neighbouring mill who liked her from first sight. Her textile mill needs material and she pawns her property. Unknown to Khlida, her Mill manager attains the fund from Asif.

Sanara is studying in Art College and admires her talented class fellow Sarim (Noman Habib) who belongs to a middle class family. Sarim helps Khalida in designing textile for the mill and is given a job at the mill. Khalida comes to know that Sarim and Sanara love each other. Sanara is then engaged to Sarim. Khalida’s mill starts doing good business and Asif gifts her the papers of her property which shocks her but she is happy.[3]


Main cast[edit]

Supporting cast[edit]

  • Ali Afzal as Asif Sahab
  • Rashid Farooqi as Muneer Hussain
  • Hassan Ahmed as Raheel
  • Tehreem Zuberi as Nashmia
  • Durdana Butt as Amma Bi
  • M. Ayub as Ramo Kaka
  • Ushna as Sawera
  • Naeem Shaikh as Baqar Sahab
  • Nighat Sultana as Shabbo


The theme songs was sung by Sara Raza Khan, composed by Farrukh Abid and lyricists was Sabir Zafar.

External video
A promotional video of Choti Si Kahani

Awards and nominations[edit]


  • Nominated - Best TV Serial (2012)
  • Nominated - Best TV Drama OST (2012)
  • Nominated - Best TV Writer (2012) - Haseena Moin
  • Nominated - Best TV Director (2012) - Kamran Qureshi
  • Nominated - Best TV Producer (2012) - Raheel Uddin Fareedi
  • Nominated - Best TV Actress in a supporting role (2012) - Sadia Imam

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