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A plate of Chotpoti, popular in Bengal region.
Alternative namesচটপটি (In Bengali)
TypeStreet food
Place of originBangladesh,[1]
Main ingredientsPotatoes, chickpeas, onions, chillies

Chotpoti (Bengali: চটপটি Côṭpôṭi), is a Bengali street food popular in Bangladesh and West Bengal, India, mostly in urban areas.[2][1][3][4] The word 'chotpoti' translates to 'spicy' (as in, having many different spices, not simply 'hot').[5]

The dish consists mainly of potatoes, dubli, onions and is usually topped with additional diced chillies or grated boiled eggs.[5] Other common toppings include tamarind chutney, coriander leaves, cumin, and crispy puri.[4][5] It is usually served hot and tastes both spicy and sour at the same time.[1][2][6] One can choose to make it more spicy or sour or balanced, according to their taste, by asking the shopkeeper.

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