Choushinsei Flashman

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Choushinsei Flashman
Flashman Title Card.jpg
Title Screen
Superhero fiction
Created byToei
Developed byHirohisa Soda
Directed byNagafumi Hori
Narrated byEiichi Onoda
Composer(s)Kōhei Tanaka
Country of originJapan
No. of seasons10
No. of episodes50
Producer(s)Moriyoshi Katō
Takeyuki Suzuki
Running time30 minutes
Production company(s)TV Asahi
Toei Company
Toei Advertising
Original networkTV Asahi
Original releaseMarch 1, 1986 –
February 21, 1987
Preceded byDengeki Sentai Changeman
Followed byHikari Sentai Maskman

Choushinsei Flashman (超新星フラッシュマン, Chōshinsei Furasshuman)[Note 1] is the tenth installment in the Super Sentai metaseries produced by Toei Company. It was broadcast on TV Asahi from March 1, 1986, to February 21, 1987 with 50 episodes.

It was the first Super Sentai series that introduced a second giant robot.


In 1966, five children were kidnapped by an alien group known as the Alien Hunters for the Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess, who wanted samples of humans from Earth to experiment on. The children were rescued by Mess' arch enemy, the Flash alien race, which took each one to a different planet of the Flash solar system for training. Each of them was trained separately in a range of superpowers that will allow them to fight Mess, their bodies also adapted to the atmosphere of the Flash Solar System making them gain special abilities. When they finally return to Earth in 1986 to combat Mess, who is now trying to invade it, they use the opportunity to search for their birth parents.



Raised in the harsh conditions of Planet Flash and its four moons, gaining powers in the Flash Star System, the Flashmen were brought up for the purpose of defeating Mess. The team can execute team attacks like the Combination Super Spear, a large energy spear created from the combined powers of the Flashmen.

  • Jin (ジン, Jin)/Red Flash (レッドフラッシュ, Reddo Furasshu): He learned science on the desert planet Flash Star, gaining scientific mental powers and scientific knowledge including a wealth of knowledge dealing with machinery. Kidnapped from Earth at age 3, given a scar by an Alien Hunter in the process. Since he was the oldest of the five kidnapped, his memories about the kidnapping are the strongest, although still fuzzy. He is the strongest of the team and as eldest, takes an older brother-like role, making him a strong leader. Red Flash would reappear again 15 years after the series ending in Gaoranger VS Super Sentai along with his 23 fellow Red Warriors led by Red Falcon, in which all 24 Red leaders performed their respective role calls.
    • Weapons: Prism Holy Sword (プリズム聖剣, Purizumu Seiken), Red Vul (レッドバル, Reddo Baru)
    • Attacks: Fire Thunder (ファイヤーサンダー, Faiyā Sandā), Super Cutter (スーパーカッター, Sūpā Kattā)
  • Dai (ダイ, Dai)/Green Flash (グリーンフラッシュ, Gurīn Furasshu): He gained great strength training on the rocky Green Star, enduring the most physical pain compared to his teammates. He made friends with boxer Ryuu Wakakusa, who further trained him in his boxing abilities. He arms himself with brass knuckles. Although he has a cold exterior, he is actually a very warm and charming person. He has a weak spot for women, loves nature and ramen. He befriended the teenage Sumire, who had actually died some years back and had been contacting Dai through telepathy.
    • Weapons: Prism Kaiser (プリズムカイザー, Purizumu Kaizā), Green Vul (グリーンバル, Gurīn Baru)
    • Attacks: Rolling Knuckles (ローリングナックル, Rōringu Nakkuru), Upside Down Kick, Super Piston (スーパーピストン, Sūpā Pisuton), Knuckle Guards (ナックルガード, Nakkuru Gādo, without transformation)
  • Bun (ブン, Bun)/Blue Flash (ブルーフラッシュ, Burū Furasshu): He gained speed and agility on the deserts of the Blue Star planet. He learned survival skills on the harsh planet of Blue Star, such as surviving 30 days on one cup of water and how to climb walls. He is sarcastic. As the youngest member of the team, he yearns most to find his parents.
    • Weapons: Prism Ball (プリズムボール, Purizumu Bōru), Star Darts (スターダーツ, Sutā Dātsu), Blue Vul (ブルーバル, Burū Baru)
    • Attacks: Hurricane Volt (ハリケーンボルト, Harikēn Boruto), Super Cyclone (スーパーサイクロン, Sūpā Saikuron)
  • Sara (サラ, Sara)/Yellow Flash (イエローフラッシュ, Ierō Furasshu): She developed a sharp mind on the ice planet Yellow Star, often seen as cold and serious herself by most people. However, she is actually a caring person. She is able to analyze the attacks and strategies of the villains. In the series finale, Sara learns that she is the biological daughter of Doctor Tokimura.
    • Weapons: Prism Batons (プリズムバトン, Purizumu Baton), Yellow Vul (イエローバル, Ierō Baru), Shocking Beads (ショッキングビーズ, Shokkingu Bīzu, without transformation)
    • Attacks: Snow Freeze (スノーフリーズ, Sunō Furīzu), Baton Spark (バトンスパーク, Baton Supāku), Super Blizzard (スーパーブリザード, Sūpā Burizādo), Mach Blizzard (マッハブリザード, Mahha Burizādo), Super Version (スーパーバージョン, Sūpā Bājon)
  • Lou (ルー, )/Pink Flash (ピンクフラッシュ, Pinku Furasshu): She developed incredible jumping abilities on high gravity planet Pink Star. She possesses immense physical strength, which causes her to easily exhaust herself. She once mothered a Beast Warrior.
    • Weapons: Prism Boots (プリズムブーツ, Purizumu Būtsu), Pink Vul (ピンクバル, Pinku Baru), Shocking Hearts (ショッキングハート, Shokkingu Hāto, without transformation)
    • Attacks: Jet Kick (ジェットキック, Jetto Kikku), Bomber Kick (ボンバーキック, Bonbā Kikku), Super Tap (スーパータップ, Sūpā Tappu), Zero-Gravity Beam (無重力ビーム, Mujūryoku Bīmu),


  • Prism Flash (プリズムフラッシュ, Purizumu Furasshu): Flashman's transforming device. They transform by shouting "Prism Flash!" When the suit has been formed, they shout "Shut Goggle!" (シャットゴーグル, Shatto Gōguru) to close the visors.
  • Prism Shooter (プリズムシューター, Purizumu Shūtā): The sidearms of the team. They can be used as laser guns or separated into swords and shields, used in their Combination Cross Boomerang attack.
  • Rolling Vulcan (ローリングバルカン, Rōringu Barukan): The team's finishing cannon, assembled from the five Vul weapons. When used, Yellow Flash first targets the enemy, then the vulcans begin to rapidly rotate and the shot is fire. In episode 32 it received a power up when the Flashmans` prisms were upgraded.


  • Flash Hawks (フラッシュホーク, Furasshu Hōku): The team's motorcycles.
  • Round Base (ラウンドベース, Raundo Bēsu): A box-like base capable of space travel. It brought the Flashmen to Earth.
  • Star Condor (スターコンドル, Sutā Kondoru): A plane-like flying fortress that carries the components of the Flash King.


  • Flash King (フラッシュキング, Furasshu Kingu): Flashman's giant robot that is formed when the command "Combine! Flash Cross!" (合体! フラッシュクロス, Gattai Furasshu Kurosu) is given. Its main weapon is the Cosmo Sword (コズモソード, Kozumo Sōdo) and it destroys monsters with its finishing attack, the Super Cosmo Flash (スーパーコズモフラッシュ, Sūpā Kozumo Furasshu). Its other weapons are the King Shield (キングシールド, Kingu Shīrudo), King Missiles (キングミサイル, Kingu Misairu), King Knuckles (キングナックル, Kingu Nakkuru) and the King Beam (キングビーム, Kingu Bīmu). It was temporarily destroyed in episode 15 when the monster The Zukonda caught it in a suicidal attack. It returned in episode 20 after the Titan Boy was defeated by the monster The Bluezass.
    • Tank Command (タンクコマンド, Tanku Komando): Red Flash's mecha. It is usually on the ground, but flies for the formation of the Flash King to form its main body. It is stored in the front of the Star Condor. It is known as Tank Command 1 in the toy. It appeared again in Gaoranger Vs Super Sentai in the fight against Rakushaasa.
    • Jet Delta (ジェットデルタ, Jetto Deruta): Green Flash and Yellow Flash's fighter jet. It forms the right limbs of the Flash King. It is stored in the rear of the Star Condor, to the right of the Jet Seeker. It is known as Jet Delta 2 in the toy.
    • Jet Seeker (ジェットシーカー, Jetto Shīkā): Blue Flash and Pink Flash's AWACS jet with a radar that allows it to track down any alien signals. It forms the left limbs of the Flash King. It is stored in the rear of the Star Condor, to the left of the Jet Delta. It is known as Jet Seeker 3 in the toy.
    • Flash Titan (フラッシュタイタン, Furasshu Taitan): A tractor-trailer-like backup mecha for the Flashman, able to convert into an airship mode.
  • Titan Boy (タイタンボーイ, Taitan Bōi): Flashmans' second robot formed from The Flash titan's tractor unit when the command "Flash Turn! Titan Boy!" is given. Its main weapons are the Radial Cutters (ラジアルカッター, Rajiaru Kattā, formed from the tires) and the Boy Cannons (ボーイキャノン, Bōi Kyanon, Flash Titan's smokestacks).
  • Great Titan (グレートタイタン, Gurēto Taitan): The combination of the Titan Boy with the Flash Titan's trailer unit when the command "Flash Turn! Great Titan!". It destroys monsters with its ultimate finishing attack, the Titan Nova (タイタンノバ, Taitan Noba).


  • Mag (マグ, Magu): A robot programmed by the aliens of the Flash Star to guard the Round Base from intruders. After being subdued by the Flashmen, Mag is reprogramed to assist them. He upgrades the prisms in their helmets to give them stronger prism weapons when the Mess officers power up, Mag can also pilot the Star Condor as seen in an episode where Jin Needs parts for his Flash Hawk.
  • Doctor Tokimura (時村博士, Tokimura-hakase): A scientist and family man who lost one of his children 20 years to the Alien Hunters. Because the Alien Hunters blurred his memories of the event, he has created a time machine in order to return to that time to find out more information regarding the events. He helps the Flashman with his inventions. In the series finale, he discovers that Sara is his daughter.
  • Setsuko Tokimura (時村節子, Tokimura Setsuko): Doctor Tokimura's wife, who is also Sara's mother.
  • Hero Titan (英雄・タイタン, Eiyū Taitan): A legendary warrior of the Flash Stars. He is the one who the Flash aliens based their Flashman technology and mecha after. He was an honorable soldier who tracked down Mess from planet to planet in order to stop them. As a result of his travels away from the Flash system, he developed the Anti-Flash Phenomenon and died while in battle with Baraki.
  • Leh Baraki (レー・バラキ, Rē Baraki): The first creation of Lie Köpflen. He fought with Hero Titan and was saved by him; in awe of the legendary warrior's courage and honor, decided to defect from Mess and promised the dying Titan that he would deliver the Flash Titan when it was needed. Therefore, he fell into a slumber aboard the Flash Titan, who followed the Star Condor when it arrived to Earth, lying dormant until it was needed. He was killed by Kaura and the monster The Drake. In his dying breath, he tries to warn the Flashmen about a weak point of theirs that shall be their downfall, but expires before succeeding.

Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess[edit]

The Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess (改造実験帝国メス, Kaizō Jikken Teikoku Mesu) takes over planets, using their lifeforms as raw materials in its experiments. Their goal is to transform its leader Ra Deus into the strongest being in the universe through repeated bio-augmentation. Their base of operations is the UFO-like spaceship called Labo.

  • Great Emperor Ra Deus (大帝ラー・デウス, Daitei Rā Deusu) (1-49): The leader of the Reconstructive Experiment Empire Mess who sought to become the ultimate life form. To fulfill that end, he has recruited several Great Doctor's over the Eons, some he abducted like Dr. Köpflen. As a result, he has undergone several reconstructive operations in those years. He could fire energy shots from his fingers to punish his officers. Before the finale, after Kaura and Gardan dismantled Ra Deus, Ra Deus was transformed by Köpflen into the monster The Deusula. After being destroyed by the Flashman, his broken mask was taken by Köpflen in order to extract its DNA for his final creation. A big, immobile character, he is actually portrayed by a tall puppet-like mannequin.
  • Great Doctor Lie Köpflen (大博士リー・ケフレン, Dai Hakase Rī Kefuren): Deus' right-hand man and creator of the empire's Beast Warriors by using a keyboard-like device called DNA Synthesizer. The centuries gave Köpflen a god complex as he turns his back on Lah Deus to become the ruler of Mess. Köpflen does not know that he is actually an Earthling just like the Flashmen and was abducted 300 years ago as a baby by Deus, who later trained him in genetics. In the final episode he offers the Flashman a chance to operate on them to repair their Anti-Flash Phenomenon in exchange for his life in the finale. After their refuse and the destruction of DNA Synthesizer Köpflen dies in Labo's explosion.
  • Leh Wanda (レー・ワンダ, Rē Wanda) (1-47): A winged, zebra-like swordsman full of pride and over confidence. He believes himself to be a superior being, but is disgusted once he learns from Köpflen that he was a composite being created from five grotesque and ordinary creatures. Later powered up as the monster Wandarla, in which he possessed the power to stop time for exactly 3 seconds. By combining his powers with a Beast Warrior he could stop time in an area for indefinite amount of time. He challenged Red Flash to a final duel to prove his strength after losing his power and was eventually destroyed.
  • Leh Näfel (レー・ネフェル, Rē Neferu): A cunning and cruel leopard-like loyal soldier, Näfel was among Köpflen's first creations and in the final episode calls him "father". She had a talent for disguise and often caught members of Flashman off guard this way in order to attack them. She was later powered up to be able to transform into the monster Näfelura. She was stabbed to death by Red Flash while protecting Köpflen in the finale.
  • Leh Gals (レー・ガルス, Rē Garusu) (1-28): A big and strong commander made up of genes of wild beasts. This monster does not talk but roars a lot while fighting the Flashman. Gals receives a power-up in Episode 28, but is destroyed by the Flash King.
  • Wolk and Kilt (ウルク&キルト, Uruku to Kiruto) (1-45): The assistants of Näfel which are derived from a wolf and a cat. In Episode 45 Kilt was transformed by Keflen into Deus Beast Warrior The Kiltos and was nearly killed by the Flashmen. To save her, Wolk decided to let herself be absorbed by her partner, however their unified form was ultimately destroyed by Great Titan.
  • Alien Hunters (エイリアンハンター, Eirian Hantā): They are a gang of bounty hunters who worked most for Mess in rounding up lifeforms for them to experiment on.
    • Sir Kaura (サー・カウラー, Sā Kaurā) (15-49): The leader of the Alien Hunters, He was the one who kidnapped the five infants who grew up into the Flashman team. He rebels once Mess keep considering him an outsider, despite the success he has brought them. He was severely wounded by Red Flash in a fatal exchange of blows in Episode 48. After letting Sara discover the truth about her parents, Kaura decides to perform a kamikaze attack on Labo to kill Köpflen, but fails and ultimately dies in his UFO's explosion.
    • Bo Gardan (ボー・ガルダン, Bō Garudan) (43-48): The assistant leader of the Alien Hunters. He is armed with a pair of steel sticks. He was involuntarily mutated by Köpflen into the monster The Gardess.
    • Kerao (ケラオ) (15-43): An Alien Hunter armed with a laser gun, he was eaten alive by the monster The Gitan.
    • Baura (バウラ) (15-44): An Alien Hunter armed with a huge scythe.
    • Hag (ハグ, Hagu) (15-44): Armed with a bow and arrow, she was the sole female Alien Hunter. She was able to emit damaging beams from her eyes.
    • Hou (ホウ, ) (15-44): An Alien Hunter armed with a pair of boomerangs. He was also able to grapple opponents and electrocute them.
  • Zolors (ゾロー, Zorō): The mass-produced foot soldiers of Mess, green-eyed, red-carapaced insectoid battle-troopers. They sprayed acidic strings from their mouths, which caused victims to disappear. (Since the word "Zolo" is Nihongo, the plural form is the same as the singular).
  • Kragen (クラーゲン, Kurāgen): A giant monster created from jellyfish DNA that enlarges the Beast Warriors by energy transfer, shrinking itself in the process. Its name comes from the Japanese word for jellyfish - kurage (海月).


  1. "Hurry! Save the Earth" (急げ! 地球を救え, Isoge! Chikyū o Sukue)
  2. "Behold! The Giant Robo" (見たか! 巨大ロボ, Mita ka! Kyodai Robo)
  3. "An Old Enemy? Hunter!" (宿敵? ハンター!, Shukuteki? Hantā!)
  4. "Mag is a Genius Robot?!" (マグは天才ロボ?!, Magu wa Tensai Robo?!)
  5. "In the Care of the Female Warriors!" (女戦士に御用心!, Onna Senshi ni Go-yōjin!)
  6. "Roar! Machine" (ほえろ! マシーン, Hoero! Mashīn)
  7. "Balloon! Become a Weapon" (風船よ武器になれ, Fūsen yo Buki ni Nare)
  8. "Father!! Mother!! Little Sister!" (父よ! 母よ! 妹よ, Chichi yo! Haha yo! Imōto yo)
  9. "The Doctor Who Travels Through Time" (時をかける博士, Toki o Kakeru Hakase)
  10. "Attack! The Flower Girl's Trap" (撃て! 花少女の罠, Ute! Hana Shōjo no Wana)
  11. "Lou Is the Beast Warrior's Mother" (ルーは獣戦士の母, Rū wa Jū Senshi no Haha)
  12. "Super Power! Wanda" (超パワー! ワンダ, Chō Pawā! Wanda)
  13. "Intense Battle! Danger, Jin" (激闘! 危うしジン, Gekitō! Ayaushi Jin)
  14. "Love!? Bun and the Female Gangster" (恋!? ブンとスケ番, Koi!? Bun to Sukeban)
  15. "The Giant Robo Is Worn Out" (巨大ロボ破れたり, Kyodai Robo Yaburetari)
  16. "The Human Minimini Plan" (人間ミニミニ作戦, Ningen Minimini Sakusen)
  17. "The Mysterious Giant Reckless Car!" (謎の巨大暴走車!, Nazo no Kyodai Bōsōsha!)
  18. "Big Turnaround! The Transforming Robo" (大逆転! 変身ロボ, Dai Gyakuten! Henshin Robo)
  19. "Baraki's Dying Warning" (バラキ決死の伝言, Baraki Kesshi no Dengon)
  20. "Revival! Giant Robo!" (復活! 巨大ロボ!, Fukkatsu! Kyodai Robo!)
  21. "Sorrowful Sara" (悲しみのサラ, Kanashimi no Sara)
  22. "SOS! Phoenix!" (SOS! 不死鳥!, Esu Ō Esu! Fushichō!)
  23. "Please, Throbbing!" (お願いドキドキ!, Onegai Dokidoki!)
  24. "The Occult Summer Vacation" (オカルト夏休み, Okaruto Natsuyasumi)
  25. "Hurry, Jin, Fusion is Impossible" (急げジン合体不能, Isoge Jin Gattai Funō)
  26. "Space Pumpkin Cooking" (宇宙カボチャ料理, Uchū Kabocha Ryōri)
  27. "Dai's Punch of Friendship" (ダイ友情のパンチ, Dai Yūjō no Panchi)
  28. "Sublime! Fiery Gals" (壮絶! 炎のガルス, Sōzetsu! Honō no Garusu)
  29. "Monstrous Warrior Wandarla" (妖獣士ワンダーラ, Yōjūshi Wandāra)
  30. "Bizarre Nefelura" (怪奇ネフェルーラ, Kaiki Neferūra)
  31. "It Vanished! The Power of the 5" (消えた! 5人の (パワー), Kieta! Gonin no Pawā)
  32. "We Like You, We Like You, Mag, We Like You" (すきすきマグすき, Suki Suki Magu Suki)
  33. "Papa Won't Lose!" (パパは負けない!, Papa wa Makenai!)
  34. "Bun Disappeared in the Rapids" (激流に消えたブン, Gekiryū ni Kiąeta Bun)
  35. "The Starry Sky's Duet" (星空のデュエット, Hoshizora no Dyuetto)
  36. "The Shocking Wonder Bug" (ドッキリ不思議虫, Dokkiri Fushigi Mushi)
  37. "A Ghost's First Love" (幽霊の初恋, Yūrei no Hatsukoi)
  38. "The Day Jin Dies?!" (ジンが死ぬ日?!, Jin ga Shinu Hi?!)
  39. "Burn, Angry Sara" (燃えろ怒りのサラ, Moero Ikari no Sara)
  40. "Execution City, Operation XX" (処刑都市XX作戦, Shokei Toshi Daburu Kurosu Sakusen)
  41. "Dai Becomes a Child" (子供にされたダイ, Kodomo ni Sareta Dai)
  42. "Don't Cry! Female Warriors" (泣くな!女戦士, Naku na! Onna Senshi)
  43. "Kaura's Treachery!" (カウラーの反逆!, Kaurā no Hangyaku!)
  44. "Deus Beast Warriors Appear" (デウス獣戦士出現, Deusu Jū Senshi Shutsugen)
  45. "Warrior! Leave the Earth" (戦士よ地球を去れ, Senshi yo Chikyū o Sare)
  46. "Only 20 Days to Live!!" (たった20日の命!!, Tatta Nijūnichi no Inochi!!)
  47. "Wanda! Death Cry" (ワンダ! 死の絶叫, Wanda! Shi no Zekkyō)
  48. "The End of Kaura!!" (カウラーの最期!!, Kaurā no Saigo!!)
  49. "Counterattack, Ra Deus" (逆襲ラー・デウス, Gyakushū Rā Deusu)
  50. "Farewell! Our Home Planet" (さらば! 故郷の星, Saraba! Kokyō no Hoshi)


  • Choushinsei Flashman (theatrical short released the same day as episode 3)
  • Flashman: Big Rally! Titan Boy! (theatrical edit of episodes 15-18)

International broadcasts[edit]

The series was broadcast in Brazil under the title Comando Estelar Flashman (Star Commando Flashman) in Rede Manchete. It was broadcast in Ecuador on Ecuavisa, in Peru on Panamericana Televisión and it was broadcast several times over many years in Bolivia on RTP. The dub in Spanish was made by Alamo, the same company which made the Portuguese dub, and it was named Comando Estelar Flashman, as in Brazil.

It was also broadcast in South Korea as Earth Protector Flashman (지구방위대 후뢰시맨, Jigu Bangwidae Hureoshimaen). The series was also broadcast in Thailand on Channel 7.

The series was broadcast in France on TF1 as Flashman and was dubbed in Malay as Flashman on TV2 Malaysia Channel in 1994.


  • Jin: Touta Tarumi
  • Dai: Kihachirō Uemura
  • Bun: Yasuhiro Ishiwata
  • Sara: Youko Nakamura
  • Lou: Mayumi Yoshida
  • Doctor Tokimura: Akira Ishihama
  • Setsuko Tokimura: Tamie Kubota
  • Great Doctor Lie Köphlen: Koji Shimizu
  • Leh Wanda: Yutaka Hirose (credited as Kazuhisa Harose)
  • Leh Näfel: Sayoko Hagiwara
  • Leh Gals: Hiroyuki Uchida
  • Wolk: Miyuki Nagato
  • Kilt: Yuko Kojima
  • Sir Kaura: Jouji Nakata
  • Hero Titan: Yoshinori Okamoto
  • Bo Gardan: Yoshinori Okamoto (Episode 43-48)
  • Narrator: Eiichi Onoda

Voice actors[edit]

Guest Stars[edit]


Opening Theme
  • "Choushinsei Flashman" (超新星フラッシュマン, Chōshinsei Furasshuman)
Ending theme
  • "Fighting Pose, Flashman!" (ファイティングポーズ、フラッシュマン!, Faitingu Pōzu, Furasshuman!)
    • Lyrics: Kōhei Oikawa (及川 恒平, Oikawa Kōhei)
    • Composition: Yukihide Takekawa
    • Arrangement: Keiichi Oku
    • Artist: Taku Kitahara
  • Episode 50 has a special ending where credits roll like the end credits with a last scene special BGM, followed by Maskman special preview.


  1. ^ Literally translated as Supernova Flashman.


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