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Chow Ching Lie (Chinese: 周勤丽; pinyin: Zhōu Qínlì; born 1936 in Shanghai) is a Chinese-French writer and a classical pianist. The French film Le Palanquin des Larmes, based on her biography written by Georges Walter (translated into English as Journey in Tears) describes her early life as the child of a wealthy family, the difficulties she suffered after her arranged marriage at age 13, and her ultimate success as a musician.[1] She has lived in France for 40 years.


« Dans ce livre, j'ai voulu offrir à tous les secrets de ma vie. Chaque passage de mon existence est illustré par la maxime bouddhiste qui m'a permis de rebondir et de transformer une situation difficile en un événement positif. Les lecteurs pourront ainsi puiser mille et un conseils qui les aideront en toutes situations »

« In this book, I wanted to share the secrets of my life with everybody. Every passage of my life is exemplified by the Buddhist aphorism which has left me bounce and change one difficult situation in a positive event. Readers can also draw a thousand and one advices that will help them in all situations »

Films from Chow Ching Lie works[edit]

Year English Title Original Title Director
1988 Palanquin of Tears Le Palanquin des larmes Jacques Dorfmann Adaptation of the novel Le Palanquin des larmes[2]


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