Chowdhury Moyezuddin Biwshash

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Chowdhury Moyezuddin Biwshash (1840 – 1923) was a Bengali Muslim merchant and aristocrat from Faridpur District, British India. Hailing from a prominent zamindar clan of the area, he built a vast personal fortune of landholdings in Bengal, the Punjab and Arabia.[1]


Moyezuddin was a staunch supporter of the Indian National Congress.

Personal life[edit]

His sons and grandchildren engaged prominently in Bengali Muslim politics in the era of the Raj and Pakistan, and in independent Bangladesh. His eldest son Chowdhury Abdallah Zaheeruddin was a federal minister of the Pakistani government, while another son Enayet Hossain Chowdhury was a member of Pakistan's National Assembly in the 1960s. His second son, Yusuf Ali Chowdhury (commonly known as Mohan Mia) was a leading figure in the Muslim League and an influential kingmaker in East Pakistani politics; he also sided with the Pakistan Army during the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971.[2]


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