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Chris Achilleos on Polcon 2007

Chris Achilleos (born Christos Achilléos,[1] 1947) is a painter and illustrator who specialises in fantasy artwork and glamour illustration. Born in Famagusta, Cyprus, his family emigrated to the United Kingdom in 1959, where he currently resides.[2] He attended the Hornsey College of Art.[3]

His work has appeared in Heavy Metal and Radio Times magazines, on book covers (including series based on the Conan the Barbarian character, TV's Doctor Who[4] and the Fighting Fantasy gamebook series),[5] and in collections of his own work. He has also worked on various film projects as a conceptual artist.[4]

Achilleos created the controversial cover for Whitesnake's 1979 album, Lovehunter, which showed a naked woman straddling a giant serpent. In an interview with MelodicRock, Gary Hughes stated that Achilleos thereafter "had a policy of not working with bands".[6] The original artwork, along with several other pieces, were stolen from him in the 1980s and sold to a private collector.[7] However, he designed an album cover in 2003 with Gary Hughes' rock opera Once and Future King Part I.[8]

Since 1990 he has mostly worked in designing fantasy trading cards as well as selling prints and original works of art.[3]

In 2003, Achilleos created the covers and artwork for the rock opera by Gary Hughes, The Once and Future King.[6]


Achilleos has published several book collections, including:[citation needed]

  • Beauty and the Beast (1978)[3]
  • Sirens (1986)[3]
  • Medusa (1988)[3]
  • Amazona (2004)[3]


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