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Chris Appelgren has been owner and president Lookout! Records since 1997 when label founder Larry Livermore and partner Patrick Hynes retired. Appelgren began working at Lookout in early 1989, and ran the independent punk record label until the company discontinued releasing new albums and laid off the staff in connection with a series of financial troubles that caused the label to end its relationship with Green Day, Operation Ivy and other bands in 2005.[1][2] In addition, Appelgren has created original artwork and album designs for many punk bands including Blatz, Green Day, Screeching Weasel, The Queers, The Donnas, and Ted Leo and the Pharmacists.

Appelgren also performed as vocalist in bands The Pattern, The PeeChees and Bumblescrump and was the original drummer for The Potatomen as well as drumming for The Lefties.[3]


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