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Chris Barfoot
Chris Barfoot on set.jpg
Barfoot on set, December 1999

Chris Barfoot (born Christopher John Barfoot, 7 September 1966) is a British actor, writer/director and producer of film productions.


Christopher J. Barfoot[1] is a writer/producer and director from Southampton, England.

His film making career began when (the then bit-part TV actor) teamed up with editor Peter Dobson creating TV sketches for London Weekend Television (ITV) with Jeremy Beadle[2] and Shaun of the Dead director Edgar Wright in 1994 before casting Prunella Scales in the Sci Fi mini-thriller Phoenix (1997).

Winning two U.S. Platinum Remis for Phoenix[3] and then Hellion[3][4] and two Gold Remis with fellow writer/producer Robert Clother, for Dead Clean[3] (starring Andrew Sachs and Shane Richie)[4] and The Reckoning[5][6] (starring, Mark Chapman, Susie Lumley, Lex van Delden)[7] led Barfoot to write a spate of feature movie screenplays.

Barfoot and Clother received an ‘Honorable mention’ at the Dragon Con film festival for The Reckoning in 2003.[8] The Reckoning also won Sky Movies Top Ten Short Films of All Time with Richard Jobson. The film was broadcast by NBC Universal's Sci Fi Channel until 2008, where it received their highest viewing figures of all time.

In 2006, Barfoot won First Place at the Dragon Con film festival for Helix starring Prunella Scales and Robert Pulvertaft.[9]

Jerry Springer learning his lines for a Chris Barfoot production.

In 2007, Barfoot directed interactive web commercials (digital marketing) for Graphico New Media. His clients included Pepsi Co.

Feature screenplays he has written are Contact, Banshee, Knights of Delirium, Hellion (work in progress), The Fall of Roman’s Empire (co-author Stefan Smith), Aggressive Behavior (US) Unwelcome (UK/Europe) (co-author Stefan Smith), and Hell's Gate (shortlisted for best script 2006 at the Beverly Hills Film Festival).,[16] and winner of an ‘Honorable Mention’ at the Los Angeles Film and Script Festival 2010.[10]

After a decade engaged on solo projects Barfoot and Clother have formed ‘Hot Head Creative’ (2015) a production company based in Winchester, England.

Barfoot is a full voting member of BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts),[11][12] his spouse is Cheryl Richmond, he has one daughter (Bianca).

Barfoot also maintains an interest in Anglo American Pictures.


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