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Chris Bunch
Born(1943-12-22)22 December 1943
Fresno, California
Died4 July 2005(2005-07-04) (aged 61)
Ilwaco, Washington
OccupationNovelist, television writer
GenreScience fiction, Fantasy

Christopher R. "Chris" Bunch (22 December 1943 – 4 July 2005) was an American science fiction, fantasy and television writer, who wrote and co-wrote about thirty novels.

Born in Fresno, California, he collaborated with Allan Cole on a series of books involving a hero named Sten in a galactic empire. Bunch served in Vietnam as a patrol commander. He also wrote for Rolling Stone and was a correspondent for Stars and Stripes. He died in his hometown of Ilwaco, Washington, after a long battle with a lung ailment.

List of works[edit]

Solo novels and series[edit]

The Seer King Trilogy[edit]

  • The Seer King (1997) (ISBN 0-446-60524-7)
  • The Demon King (1998) (ISBN 0-446-67327-7)
  • The Warrior King (1999) (ISBN 0-446-67456-7)

Dragonmaster Trilogy[edit]

Dragonmaster is an action trilogy following the life and exploits of Hal Kailas, a peasant who left home at an early age. During his early years Hal must work as a casual laborer. His dream is to fly dragons, so he joins a traveling troupe who give rides on dragons as entertainment from town to town. Hal is away from his home country and his king, Asir. When war breaks out, he is drafted into the army as an unwilling soldier. However, he does his best and works his way through the ranks of the army and society with his heroic exploits. Dragons are mainly wild and untamed creatures that are brought into the war, while Hal and others devise new and more damaging ways to use the dragons against their enemies. This tale is told in the first two books, which contain bloody action throughout. The third book covers life after the war, the difficulties ex-soldiers face, and how Hal deals with it.

The Last Legion[edit]

Shadow Warrior[edit]

Star Risk Series[edit]

An outlined novel in the Star Risk, Ltd. series, The Gangster Conspiracy (2007), was finished by Bunch's friend Steve Perry and his son, Dal Perry.


Corsair follows the tale of Gareth Radnor, who goes to live with his rich uncle, after the death of his parents at the hands of the evil Lynathi slavers. He has to leave the city after a prank goes wrong and someone dies. He quickly makes a life for himself at sea but always longs to revenge his parents and the other villagers. When an opportunity comes, he takes it and makes a name for himself and a fortune as a pirate, and gains public support for his revenge on the Lynathi. His two childhood friends, and two more from when he lived with his uncle in the city of Ticao, travel with him on his adventures; one is Cosyra, his love interest.

Novels and series co-authored with Allan Cole[edit]


Known as The Sten Chronicles (or sometimes the Sten Adventures), this series of books is set in the far future of mankind. While the main attraction of the series was the action and understated humor, the series was actually a political critique. It had seemed to Bunch and Cole that entirely too many science fiction authors were enamored with monarchies and their consequent fascist (although benevolent) ideals. They wanted to write a series to show the realities of politics and power and to place a working-class man into this series, letting the reader see through his eyes and watch as he grows to be a real and realistic hero.[1]

  1. Sten (1982) (ISBN 0-345-32460-9)
  2. The Wolf Worlds (1984) (ISBN 0-345-31229-5)
  3. The Court of a Thousand Suns (1985) (ISBN 0-345-31681-9)
  4. Fleet of the Damned (1988) (ISBN 0-345-33172-9)
  5. Revenge of the Damned (1989) (ISBN 0-345-33173-7)
  6. The Return of the Emperor (1990) (ISBN 0-345-36130-X)
  7. Vortex (1992) (ISBN 0-345-37151-8)
  8. Empire's End (1993) (ISBN 0-345-37696-X)



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